Honest Abe’s Dealer Recruiter, Ronnie Wilson, and Dealer Manager, David Everitt, are very supportive of our independent dealers. We’re looking to grow the dealership network this year to meet the demand for professionals who can help customers who want an Honest Abe log or timber frame home.

Jeff Clements

V.P. of Sales , Honest Abe

Independent dealerships play an integral role in the stability and success of Honest Abe. Dealers provide guidance and support throughout the process of designing and building the log or timber home that the homeowner has only visualized.

David Everitt

Dealer Manager , Honest Abe

Honest Abe Independent Dealership Opportunities Offered Across U.S.

Honest Abe offers dealership opportunities to ensure that customers across the country are served. In addition to Honest Abe’s company-owned sales models in Tennessee, Honest Abe Log Home and Timber Frame Home packages and products are sold through independent dealerships throughout the United States.

“All of our independent dealer businesses receive support from our corporate office,” said Ronnie Wilson, Dealer Recruiter at Honest Abe. “What sets us apart is that the independent dealer businesses are as much a part of our family as anyone in our models or corporate office.”

With a very attractive wholesale cost program to these businesses, Wilson said it’s easy to see why the independent dealership program continues to grow each year.

“This is a great business opportunity,” said David Everitt, Honest Abe Dealer Manager. “Any individual with the vision will immediately recognize the benefit of carrying the line of products offered by Honest Abe Log Homes.”

Everitt said these completely independent dealer-owned businesses are supported in their business efforts by a strong company that backs them up with a national advertising program and supplies excellent home packages to their customers.

“Quality and value are strong elements in the Honest Abe experience,” Wilson added.

Using only top-notch materials and a manufacturing process honed over the last 37 years, Honest Abe gives builders the edge they need in a competitive custom home market.

Builders and log home enthusiasts wanting to get into another business or even people living in a log home and looking for a business opportunity, are encouraged to call. For additional information, call 800-231-3695 or inquire below.

Independent Dealership Inquiries

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Honest Abe dealers Tonia and Mike Coulter, Dealer of the Year for 2015

Dealer of the Year

Tonia & Mike Coulter, Honest Abe Log Homes Independent Dealers and owners of T & M Log Homes of Albany, Indiana, were awarded the Broad Axe plaque for top sales in 2015 from Honest Abe’s President Joshua Beasley, (right) Director of Sales Jeff Clements, (back) and Vice President of Production Jackie Cherry (left). They were also named Dealer of the Year for 2012. To read more about the Coulters, visit the Honest Abe Blog.