Bear’s Den Log Homes Is Honest Abe Log Homes 2014 Dealership of the Yearbears-den

Bear’s Den Log Homes, Inc., of Newton, N.C., has been named Honest Abe Log Homes 2014 Dealership of the Year.

“Congratulations to Bear’s Den owners, Darlene and Rodger Dawson,” said David Everitt, Dealer  Manager for Honest Abe. “This is the second time Darlene and Rodger have achieved the award for being Top Performing Dealership of the year.”

The Dawsons have been Honest Abe Dealers since 2006.

“Among other attributes, Darlene has a special skill for meeting and interacting with clients to help them achieve their dream log homes,” Everitt observed. “We have witnessed this skill repeatedly at log and timber home shows.”

Everitt said it is not uncommon to find Darlene spending an entire home show weekend with clients with whom she has prearranged meetings, working with them to develop their strategy for creating their own log homes.

“Additionally, Darlene has one of the best web sites among dealers,” Everitt  noted. “This is also an integral part of her strategy for success.”

Bear’s Den augments its marketing efforts with brochures, newsletters and ongoing customer and prospect contact.

“We look forward to seeing photos of Darlene and Rodger in the Bahamas next month enjoying their reward for being our 2014 Dealership of the Year,” Everitt said.

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