Log Homes of West Virginia Named 2011 Dealer of the Year

Honest Abe Log Homes Regional Dealer Manager David Everitt traveled to West Virginia on Feb. 9, 2011, to visit with Russ Saunders of Log Homes of WV.  While there, they presented Russ with Honest Abe’s Dealer of the Year Award.

Along with a monetary award,  Russ received Honest Abe’s coveted Broad Ax award. This plaque is inscribed with the names of each of Honest Abe’s past Dealers of the Year, and is kept and displayed by the reigning dealer of the year for the length of time they retain this honor. This award is, subsequently, passed on to the next recipient.  As the name implies,  the award is adorned with a beautiful antique broad ax.  The broad ax is a traditional tool used in a by-gone era to square timbers.  This symbol is very fitting because of its critical use in building log homes.  Likewise, our dealers of the year are very critical to Honest Abe’s success through one of our most valuable assets,  our Independent Dealership Network and family.

Honest Abe Log Homes is excited about Russ’s success, and his achieving this sought-after award.  We look forward to Russ continuing to be one of our top-tier dealers for years to come.

While in West Virginia a tour was made of a home delivered for Russ in Mid-December. This home is almost dried in, and will be another beautiful home completed by Log Homes of WV and Russ Saunders.

Article by: David Everitt, Dealer Manager for Honest Abe Log Homes