Log Home Packages


We’re located in Tennessee and ship log cabin kits all over the US

Both the log home package and timber frame package contents can be customized to take advantage of additional choices of doors, windows and other interior or exterior features, including the choice of a conventional or heavy timber roof system.

What’s Included in Our Log Cabin Kits

When your timber frame or log home kit is shipped, you and your builder will have everything needed for building the home. Not only are the materials included, but a comprehensive and detailed plan for constructing your specific home is provided.

These plans take into account your log profile, roof system selection and all customizations. Of course, log cabin home kit prices vary according to the floor plan size as well as other factors. Check out log home and timber frame pictures.

Bailey log cabin kit

Log Cabin Kit Pricing

We don’t publish log home prices for our house building kits for sale for this very reason. We know from four decades of experience that every home is distinctive, and the price of a log home or timber frame home reflects the homeowners’ dreams.

Log Cabin Guarantee & Financing

That’s where our Honest Value Guarantee comes in. In an apples-to-apples comparison, Honest Abe will meet or beat any quote from another log home manufacturer if submitted to us for comparison. We’ll even explore your financing option with you to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.