Coulters Named 2016 Honest Abe Log Homes Independent Dealership of the Year

For the second consecutive year the Honest Abe Log Homes Independent Dealership of the Year is T&M Log Homes of Albany, Indiana. T&M Log Homes, owned by Tonia and Mike Coulter, earned the recognition in 2012 and 2015.

The Coulters started their dealership in 1997 after completing construction of their own Honest Abe Log Home. In addition to their log home business, Mike is a senior engineer with Rolls Royce in Indianapolis. Tonia brings a lifetime of business experience to the dealership, which she developed in her family’s hog farming operation and national distribution of their products.

“You don’t have to be around the Coulters long to see their enthusiasm for their log home business,” said David Everitt, Honest Abe Dealer Manager. “Meeting clients and helping them navigate the log home building process and making someone’s forever home a reality fuels the Coulters’ enthusiasm.”

Not only have they worked to create sales for themselves this year, they have expressed their desire to help the other Honest Abe dealerships do equally as well.  They participated in both the Regional Dealer meeting in 2016 summer and encouraged other dealerships to participate in at least one.  

“We found this to be a great way to learn from the company and from the other dealerships,” Tonia said.

In recent years Tonia and Mike added new members to the T&M Log Homes team to expand their regional business.  

“We give a lot of credit to their sub dealers, Kyle & Rebecca Taylor in Kansas and Matt & Tara Kamman in SW Indiana,” Tonia said.   ” Without their help we could not offer our customers in those areas the level of service that we pride ourselves in. “

Everitt commended the Coulters for their expansion initiative. 

“They are building their own business as well as nurturing the business growth of others,” Everitt pointed out. “Honest Abe is blessed to have Independent Dealership representation like the Coulters involved in our dealership family.”

Mike said that he and Tonia recognize that much has changed in the market since starting their dealership in 1997.

“We have learned to be more flexible with the offering to our customers and now offer more choices,” Mike said. “We are finding that turnkey services are the norm.”

Everitt said that the Coulters are unyielding in their efforts to provide design and building solutions for their clients.  

“Mike and Tonia continually strive to provide their clients the best value in their log home choices available,” he said.