Honest Abe Direct Sales Representatives

The sales staff at our four model homes have the experience and desire to help you create your forever home.

Direct Sales Team Committed to Capturing Dreams

Ask any one of Honest Abe’s Direct Sales Teams at Model Homes operated by Honest Abe, “What’s the best part of your job?” and you’ll hear, “Helping people get their dream home.” Four direct sales centers operate out of fully furnished model homes in the Tennessee communities of Cookeville, Crossville, Murfreesboro and Moss, where Honest Abe sales professionals welcome inquisitive visitors, provide information and conduct tours. When a prospective homeowner initiates the purchase, design, manufacturing and construction process, their direct representative is a constant guide throughout.

Inez Price – National Headquarters, Moss

“It is my responsibility to make the customer feel good about the investment they make with our company,” said sales representative Inez Price, adding that it’s not hard to do considering her own choice of a log home.

Price, who has spent six of her eight years with Honest Abe in sales at Honest Abe’s National Headquarters in Moss, is happy to offer stories about how warm her home stays during winter and how many grandchildren her big front porch accommodates.

Price knows that customers rely on her to attend to details as their home projects progress.

“The most satisfying thing about my job,” Price said, “is assisting customers from Point A (start) to Point B (finish).”

Ethan Birdwell – National Headquarters, Moss

For the past year, Ethan Birdwell has worked in direct sales at Honest Abe’s National Headquarters in Moss while also scheduling production and coordinating deliveries. Having grown up in a log home, he easily understands the mindset of a customer whose desire is to live surrounded by wood.

“I like taking the visualization of their dream home and turning it into a reality,” he said, noting that with all of Honest Abe’s home, the customization possibilities really are “virtually endless,” making his job much easier.

Dan Smith – Murfreesboro

Dan Smith, who has been selling Honest Abe homes for 12 years at the Mufreesboro model, said he has gained great satisfaction from seeing customers realize that they can have a log or timber frame home – that it doesn’t have to be just a dream.

“When people understand that they have many options, they often realize they do not have to settle for less than the home they’ve always wanted,” said Smith. “I like being part of that.”

David Mathis – Murfreesboro

David Mathis is a Sales Representative in Honest Abe’s Murfreesboro Model Home and Sales Center. David’s 10+ years of experience in the resort and real estate industry helps him lead Honest Abe customers through the process of designing and building their home. Originally from Murfreesboro, David was a member of the Honest Abe construction crew while attending Middle Tennesse State University, which gives him yet another perspective from which he can serve homebuyers.

Tammy Taylor – Murfreesboro

Sales assistant Tammy Taylor has been working with Honest Abe in Murfreesboro for a year, but she’s observed how important events like Honest Abe-sponsored log raisings, manufacturing tours and home tours are in educating people about log homes.

“We work hard to make sure customers have all the information they need to make a decision as big as building a log home,” Taylor said. “I believe the more informed they are, the better the chance they will choose us.”

Greg Watson – Cookeville

Greg Watson, also located at the Cookeville model, has been selling Honest Abe Homes for 21 years, so he’s experienced at discerning what people are looking for in a home.

“I help them get their dream home,” he said, adding that he encourages customers to express exactly what they would like to have and work with him on a plan to get it, meeting the challenge of balancing budget with desires head on.

Melissa Watson – Cookeville

The newest member of the Honest Abe sales team is Melissa Watson, who works with her husband, Greg, in the Cookeville Model Home Sales Center to help clients realize their dream. Melissa’s duties include customer contact through appointment scheduling as well as email and social media.


Sharron Bilbrey – Crossville

Sharron Bilbrey’s relationship with Honest Abe began 15 years ago when she built her Honest Abe home. For the past decade, she’s been a sales consultant in the Crossville sales model.

“My experience building my own home set me up perfectly for this job,” she said. “I love to teach people about log homes and show them how to take their visions and put them on paper, and from paper to make them a reality.”

A retired collegiate volleyball coach, Bilbrey said she feels that working in sales with Honest Abe is the right place for her.

“Almost 15 years ago, Honest Abe help make our dreams of a log home come true, and now it is my privilege to get to do the same for the people I serve.”

Wayne Brady – Crossville


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