Q & A with Gary Harbison

Q. Tell us more about yourself.

A. I am a retired Physical Education teacher, high school Cross Country and Track and Field Coach and a former athlete. I am now the owner of a successful landscaping business and am an Honest Abe Log Home Independent Dealer. My wife and I love our retirement home.

Q. Why did you choose log over conventional?

A. I fell in love with log homes as a senior in high school, and from that point it was inevitable.

Q. Tell us about your floor plan.

A. It was 100% designed by myself, drawn up on a napkin while flying to Nebraska. My wife and I did final touches of the design. I chose the dovetail corners 1) because of the design, and 2) they didn’t stick out as far so I would not hit my knees (LOL).

Q. What are the most outstanding features?

A. Barn style design doors of entryway to office, ceiling design inside house, layout of kitchen, wrap-around porch and metal-lined master bath.

Q. What about the location?

A. It sits in the middle of 6.5 acres with oak trees in front and pasture behind our home.

Q. What is your favorite thing about your new home and why?

A. My most favorite thing is that I get to share it with the love of my life, Renita, and it is full of warmth and a true feeling of home. Some of my wife’s favorite things are the wraparound porch and the kitchen layout. 

Q. How did you like working with the people of Honest Abe?

A. Wayne Brady was the primary reason due to his candor, honesty and professionalism. The support that I received from Honest Abe was very good, and the knowledge that Wayne Brady brought to me and the log home industry cannot be denied. After receiving a very informative tour of the plant and seeing the professionalism of the Honest Abe staff, I was sold. In addition to working with Wayne Brady, Ronnie Wilson (Honest Abe Dealer Manager) was another big inspiration for my choice of Honest Abe.

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Homeowners: Gary and Renita Harbison

Location: Altoona, Florida  

Year Completed: 2019

Square Footage: 1,600 SF, one-story

Profile: Dovetail D-Log

Roof: Hip Roof Design, Metal

Flooring: Heart Pine, 7.5″ wide, 1″ thick, custom milled locally

Interior Finish: three coats clear poly

Exterior Finish: Perma-Chink Honey Teak

Honest Abe Sales Rep: Wayne Brady, Crossville Sales Center


Gary Harbison is an Independent Dealer for Honest Abe Log Homes in Central Florida. To arrange a visit to the Harbison Home,which serves as a model for his log home dealership, call Gary at 352-408-9112.

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