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Honest Abe Living, December 2020

Haven on the Hill


Connie and Alex Diamond custom designed their 3,183-square-foot Honest Abe Log Home in rural Tennessee to be a sanctuary.

“We so desired a place of peace for ourselves and our children,” Alex said, referring to Evie, who is 8, and 5-year-old Evin. “We prayed for a piece of land that connected us to nature. We desired a refuge for our family, our friends and anyone who came to visit. That’s why we named our spot ‘Haven on the Hill.’ We love the craftsmanship of our house. We love our sunrises, sunsets and 360-view of the surrounding hills during the day and the city lights off in the distance at night.”

The Diamonds invited Honest Abe for a pre-Christmas visit on a later November afternoon. Read the interview about how the house came to be and see photos of the family in their home decorated for Christmas.



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Christmas at Debbiewood

Every day is a holiday in  a log home!


Christmas at the Cabin

A local delicacy in the region where Josh Beasley was raised and where Honest Abe Log Homes is located is chocolate gravy. Families have their own special recipes, and it’s even served in local restaurants. Josh shares his instructions for making chocolate gravy so our friends and customers can enjoy it anywhere in the world this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas Home Plans

Log and timber frame homes make the perfect holiday house. Visit the galleries to see how these two homes transform during the Christmas season.