Christmas at Debbiewood

Frank and Debbie Boyd built their custom Honest Abe Log Homes cabin in 2002, and they continue to be satisfied with their decision.

“The quality of our Honest Abe log home continues to impress us both,” Frank said. “I would recommend the company to anyone looking to build a log home”

The Boyds say they always enjoy Christmas in their home, which was christened “Debbiewood” in honor of Debbie.

“There’s no place like home, especially when it’s a log home,” Frank said. “It’s still Christmas year round after nearly 20 years.”

The pair reside in a small community in Middle Tennessee, and both are from a long line of native Tennesseans. Between them they have three sons, so Christmas at the Boyd home is quite an event with all the family is present. 

“There’s nothing like Christmas in a log home,” Frank said. “One of the things we noticed early on about the pictures we took was the warmth of the pictures. I look forward to to putting the tree up every year.”

The Boyds are decorating this year, but the acknowledge that Christmas 2020 is going to be quite different.

“Like everyone else this year we probably won’t do as much as previous years,” Frank said. “We don’t have a particular theme but the decorations for our tree are mostly hand made or given to us. Each one has some sentimental value. We even have an Honest Abe ornament given to us by Rob Clutter. Christmas is our favorite time of year. This year I’ve had a lot of extra time at home. I’m surprised the tree hasn’t been up since July.”

Interview by Claudia Johnson


Main floor:  2,000 SF
Upstairs:  480 SF
Basement: 1,2000 SF
Garage: 400 SF 
Front: 10 x 12 covered
Upper Decks: (2) 12×20 w/ 6x 28 bridge
Lower Deck: 12×20 covered and a 12×20 carport with a 4×20 bridge between 

Log style: milled D log 8”

Corner style:  butt and pass

Roof Type: combination of timber frame and truss combination with a metal roof

Number of Rooms: 13.

List of Rooms:

Upstairs: living room, entry foyer and dining room, kitchen, master bedroom and master bath, 2 guest bedrooms, guest bath, loft. 

Basement: game room, half bath, mechanical room, work shop


Q&A with The Boyds


Q. Why did you choose a log home over a conventional home?                      

A. We attended several log home shows and we had friends with log homes. The warmth and comfort of a log home appealed to us. 

Q. Tell us more about the development of your plan.     

A. We bought several plan books and looked at plans for months. The plan for our home is custom. I drew the plan on an old fashioned drawing board and then on a computer. Once that was done we turned the plan over to Honest Abe’s drafting and design department to get construction plans. 

Q. How did you settle upon the final design, your choice of log style and other technical specifics?

A. We liked the D-log style because it eliminates the chinking and the maintenance. We liked the 8” log because of energy efficiency. 

Q. Is there anything special about the location of the home?

A. The building lot is in a subdivision of mostly custom homes, and it has several log homes. We fit right in with our home. The lot is also very steep and heavily wooded. It made the build more difficult. 

Q. Were there any design choices you made to accommodate specific pieces of furniture, collectibles or personal hobbies, etc.?

A. When I drew the plan on the computer, I placed the furniture I knew we would use in the house. Also I checked the door sweeps and swings to make sure there were no problems. The basement has a workshop primarily for wood working. I have built several pieces of furniture for our home. 

Q. What is your favorite thing about your log home and why?

A. Nearly 20 years in the home is still solid and very efficient. It’s quiet and comfortable. 

Q. What are some of the outstanding features that make you happy you live here?  

A. The home is post and beam and a very open floor plan. The volume of space in the middle of the house is impressive. We do a party once a year with live music. The musicians love the acoustics and say it’s like a studio. 

Q. Why did you choose Honest Abe Log Homes?  

A. We wanted a Tennessee company that manufactured in Tennessee. Honest Abe fit both of those requirements. 

Q. How did you like working with your Honest Abe Sales Rep? Rob Clutter in Murfreesboro was our agent. He was a pleasure to work with. 

Q. Would you do this again?

A. This was my first and only home to actually build. I’m in my early 70s now, so I doubt I’ll do it again but I wouldn’t change anything about this home. 

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