The story of our home…..

From the beginning we wanted our log home to be distinctive and to capture the numerous and varied aspects of what we are capable of at Honest Abe, and, really, this has turned in to so much more than just our home.

We did things in the design phase that Honest Abe doesn’t have to do on a regular basis. Construction alone was quite different because of the 10″ Round log style itself and some of the design elements that we chose to go with that are not typically selected. Check out the photos below!

The finishing phase has been exciting, and everywhere you look in the home there are things not commonly seen. Each element has its own story, some even deeply personal.

What we hope people say when they walk in the house is, “ I didn’t know that you could do this with a log home.”

We aren’t necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel, but we do hope we can show different options for those who want a log or timber frame home. Our home really does encompass design and construction elements showcasing all that we do at Honest Abe – log, timber frame, wood siding.

Our desire is that people will come to our home and leave inspired, not necessarily because of the things we did with the home but because seeing someone else think “outside the box” like we did can be very contagious. 

Our home really is now the centerpiece of our farmland here in Union Hill, Tennessee. We think it fits in perfectly. Quality is not only a hallmark of Honest Abe, it is of our Acres of Grace Farms as well. While this new home marks a new era for Honest Abe, Acres of Grace Farms is a new era for both our families’ land of which we are honored to be stewards.

Our home is unconventional and so is our farm – a very fitting pairing.

Please visit us during the Oct. 19 & 20, 2018, Barn Sale other events during 2018. When you visit, we hope you sense something different, and we hope that difference is the Lord and His Love!

– Nick and April Patterson, co-owners, Honest Abe Log Homes