10 inch Round Logs

Majestic 10-inch round logs are milled at Honest Abe Log Homes' Moss, Tennessee, manufacturing facility.

Tour Our First 10″ Round Home

Southern Grace Farmhouse was the first home built from 10″ Round logs manufactured by Honest Abe Log Homes. It is the centerpiece of a working farm in rural Tennessee.

The house won first place in a national design competition and has been featured on the cover of Log Cabin Homes and as a multi-page story and gallery in Log Home Living.

For an opportunity to tour the home during special events visit A Southern Marketplace Barn Sale. These weekend long events feature a barn sale with an eclectic mix of vendors, a farm tour of Acres of Grace Farms, a farm-to-table dinner and more.

For more on Southern Grace Farmhouse, click here.

See how one of our most popular log home plans looks in 10 inch Round Logs!

Our award-winning design team used one of our most popular designs, the Grandfield, to create an image of how easily and beautifully any plan can be designed and built using the new 10-inch Round Logs manufactured at Honest Abe’s mill. Download the Grandfield floor plan here.


5 things you need to know about the 10″ round log

  1. Any of our floor plans can used to build your 10″ round log home.
  2. The 10″ round logs are milled from kiln dried Eastern White Pine (just like the rest of our log systems). 
  3. We’ll draw any plan from your imagination and help you create it from 10″ round logs.
  4. The 10″ round logs have a Swedish Cope profile, meaning they are round inside and out, with a half-moon-shaped groove on the bottom.
  5. 10″ round logs can be incorporated into a plan that also uses timber frame components.

Honest Abe’s Independent Dealers and Direct Sales Representatives toured the manufacturing facility’s expansion designed specifically for milling 10″ Round Logs.

Technical Information for 10″ Round Logs

Swedish Cope ConstructionLogs have an actual stack height of 8-1/4″. An 8′ tall wall requires 12 full courses of log. Weight of a dry log is 11.87 lb. per foot. Logs will be fastened together with 13″ Log Hogs @24″ O/C. Each log will be coped along the bottom of each course in a way to allow the use of a single run of gasket in the center and a bead of caulk on the outer edge of the gasket to give the log system a double seal at that point yet allow the gasket room to expand and contract without being crushed. The Swedish cope outside corner joint will require chinking with the use of a backer rod behind the chinking. Chinking the inside will be optional.