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The Honest Abe Log Home Blog shares stories from Honest Abe Living Magazine and other sources of interest to log home enthusiasts. Check event schedules. Read company news, announcements and industry news. Find out about new products. Browse photos from new construction and new house plans. Also featured on the Honest Abe Log Home Blog are recipes from our friends Southern Grace Farmhouse, McFarland Creek Outdoors and Lodge Cast Iron.

The Power of Colors

  Colors have the ability to evoke emotions and change our attitudes. They can inspire and motivate us to try something new and bold. They can alter our moods and appetites; even make a room feel small and cramped, or large and spacious. If you plan to redecorate...

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Air-Fryer Pickles

Amanda Hatcher, chef for McFarland Creek Outdoors, shares one of her favorite recipes using her air fryer. Amanda notes that the Air-Fryer Pickles from "Taste of Home" satisfies the carvings for fried food without the health risks and calories associated with use of...

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Quick French Onion Soup

This recipe is onion soup for two made easy. It was developed by onion soup enthusiast Claudia Johnson, marketing director for Honest Abe Log Homes, who wanted a fast way to make traditional-tasting onion soup. From start to finish this recipe takes about 30 minutes....

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The Apple Home

A Second Log Home for True Enthusiasts  Interview by Claudia Johnson, Honest Abe Log Homes Honest Abe homeowners Jerry and LeeAnne Apple are opening their new log home to guests on Saturday, March 23, during the Honest Abe Log Homes Spring Tour. Located near...

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Honest Abe’s Owners Honored by TN General Assembly

By April Smith Patterson, co-owner of Honest Abe Log Homes I just wanted to reach out and share with you an incredible experience our family had yesterday, Valentine’s Day (the day love is celebrated), couldn’t have been more perfect and meaningful. We were invited by...

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Amazing Creamy Potato Soup

April and Nick Patterson love to cook this amazing creamy potato soup on cold winter nights. It's quick and easy, but oh so good. Boil 32 ounces chicken broth Cook 4-5 diced potatoes with 1/2 jumbo clove of garlic and 1/2 onion Cook 15 minutes Add 2 cans cream of...

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Honest Abe Home Featured in Russian Magazine

Honest Abe Log Home's Cambridge plan as interpreted by customers Jim and Diana Copper was recently featured in a 12-page article in the Russian architectural magazine, Beautiful Houses for its Wooden Homes edition. "There's an interesting story behind how a home...

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Jackie Cherry Explains How White Pine Was Selected

Honest Abe was founded in 1979, and Honest Abe's plant manager Jackie Cherry has been here since the earliest years. Respected for his knowledge throughout the log and timber industry, Jackie has created relationships with timber growers, equipment manufacturers and...

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Window Choices Shed Light on Your Dream Home

By Sharron Bilbrey, Sales Representative for Honest Abe Log Homes Crossville   An age-old comment about log homes is how “dark” they are on the inside, but this is something that does not have to be true anymore. Beyond the overall structure of the house, the...

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Log End Seal

Dovetailed d-log corner sealed. 10" round log before sealing. Square log sealed. Why seal the ends of the longs?Wood is a hygroscopic material, which means it naturally absorbs and releases moisture from the environment. Logs can safely absorb...

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Money Savers from Log Cabin Homes

Each month Log Cabin Homes magazine suggests a variety of ways to save money when planning, building and decorating a log or timber home. Everything in your new home does not have to be new. Incorporating lighting, sinks, toilets, mirrors, stained or textured glass...

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Special Events Inform and Inspire in 2019

Last year hundreds of people attended special events hosted by Honest Abe Log Homes. During the company’s 40th Anniversary year in 2019 there’s even more to offer log and timber frame home enthusiasts.Log RaisingsThe 2019 calendar of free events kicks off on Feb. 2...

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Nanny’s Chicken & Rice

Cooking at Southern Grace FarmhouseHonest Abe Log Homes co-owner April Patterson and her husband, Nick Patterson, love cooking together. They often use recipes from the Clay County (TN) Young Farmers' Farm to Fork cookbook, but the recipe for Nanny's Chicken and...

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What is SIP Construction?

 So, what is a SIP and why would I want it in my new timber frame home?SIP stands for Structural Insulated Panel.While they aren’t something new, they may be new to you as they still represent a very small percentage (and growing) of use in new home...

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Help for Flooded Wood Homes

Log homes are actually more durable than traditional homes and are more likely to survive natural disasters, including flooding. The clean-up and repair of a log home after flooding is also much easier if you follow these steps provided by Perma-Chink... INTERIOR...

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Featured Home

Honest Abe Components Enhance Traditional Home Remodel

Heather Ross Stephens and her husband, Jarrett, recently purchased wood components from Honest Abe for a remodel of an existing home. They worked with Honest Abe Log Homes Sales Representative Inez Price, who works at the company's National Headquarters in Moss,...

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