Often times, short and simple is better.  Honest Abe Log Home’s Construction Coordinator, Josh Watson, received an unexpected note of gratitude and endorsement recently from a customer.

The unsolicited note was quickly written on the back of a check-off sheet used as an evaluation tool and final inspection of the construction work done.  When the paperwork was returned to the office Josh Watson discovered
it.  “Thankfully, we work with several good and  dedicated crews, so it’s not unusual to get testimonials from customers,” says Watson. “This one stood out to me though because of it’s simplicity and sincerity.”

As seen below, it gives a quick appreciation for Joe Isenberg and his crew which have been building homes for Honest Abe for over 30 years now.  “We build relationships with our crews, and I believe that motivates them to build relationships with the customers, as evidenced by this note,” stated Watson.

Written Endorsement

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