Wayne and Cindy Parent built their dream home in Roseland, Va., in 2014.

“We believe the warmth and beauty of a log home cannot be matched by any other type of conventional construction,” Wayne said. “Living in a log home was a long-time goal of ours, and it has been a great experience since we moved into our Honest Abe log home in 2012.”

Situated on the east side of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Parent home is an Honest Abe modified Highlander floor plan with a full-length porch, wrap-around deck, full basement and two-car garage. “We wanted a light airy atmosphere in our dream home, and the almost full glass on the front of our home has achieved that for us,” Cindy said.”

The Parents said they found their selection of Honest Abe Log Homes to design and produce their logs to be the key to the success of their project.

“Honest Abe is a nationally recognized company that has been continuously producing log homes since 1979,” Parent said. “Honest Abe has focused on quality while improving their process continuously for the entire period. We chose Honest Abe after several years of research, including visits to model homes and actual constructions in progress. We know made a sound decision to go with Honest Abe.”


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