Whether you’re building a new log home or just remodeling an existing one, adding a few extra features will make your home even more stunning. This article prepared exclusively for Honest Abe Log Homes by Houzz outlines our favorite log home additions and upgrades.

Install Solar Panels

Solar power is the future. Adding solar panels to your log house is a great way to reduce your energy costs and help save the environment. Solar panels are huge energy savers, and having a contractor install them can be done quickly and easily.

If you live where electricity rates are high or energy isn’t easily accessible, adding solar panels may be an excellent investment. Although they have a more significant upfront installation cost, they pay for themselves over time. They also increase the value of your home. However, it’s essential to consider all factors before adding them to your home. Here are a few questions to consider: 

  1. How long am I going to be living in this log home? 
  2. Will I move within five years? Or will I stay put for decades? 
  3. Do I see my investment paying off in the future?
  4. Do you want to use a grid-tied system that uses batteries for solar energy or a stand-alone system for energy and electricity? 

Think Beyond Your Logs

Wood plays a vital role in the overall aesthetic appeal of a log home. Therefore, the type of wood used should complement the style of the house. However, logs are just a small part of building a log home.

It’s essential to consider how the different woods will affect the room’s temperature and humidity for a log home. For instance, hardwoods like mahogany and cherry absorb moisture, while softwoods like pine and spruce release heat and moisture.

Honest Abe Log Homes uses only Eastern White Pine and Douglas Fir.

Adding Extra Lighting 

The biggest thing to complete the look of a home is lighting. Without proper lighting, it’s hard to showcase the house in all of its glory. Unfortunately, log homeowners often overlook lighting when building their homes, yet having adequate lighting is essential for creating a comfortable living space. 

When building a log home, there are many ways to add extra lighting to make your home feel more spacious and inviting. Here are some things to consider:

  1. We should place light fixtures near windows and doors to maximize natural light. 
  2. Consider adding extra lighting inside rooms where there isn’t enough sunlight, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.
  3. Use outdoor lighting to highlight gardens and patios
  4. Equip exterior lights to illuminate walkways and driveways
  5. Use large windows to let light enter the room

Lighting is important because it makes us feel secure. Also, overlooking the lighting in a log home takes away from the overall aesthetic. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves a log home. They bring forth an element of uniqueness and comfort that you may not always find in traditional homes. However, despite their already beneficial features, there are ways to make them even more appealing.

The addition of solar panels is a great place to start. Solar panels are convenient for homes where electricity is hard to reach or areas where electricity is more expensive. They also add a hint of modernity that will help increase the property’s value.

However, increasing the value of the property comes in many forms. The work you put into elements of the home adds security and longevity. This comes as lighting, paint, and the materials you use. 


If you’re looking to spruce up your log cabin or log home, consider making these additions to your home. Whether building from scratch or remodeling, adding these items will give your home a modern feel without breaking the bank. Additions to your log home will improve the value of your property and make a comfortable living space for you and your family. 

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