By April Smith Patterson, co-owner of Honest Abe Log Homes

I just wanted to reach out and share with you an incredible experience our family had yesterday, Valentine’s Day (the day love is celebrated), couldn’t have been more perfect and meaningful. We were invited by the amazing Senator Mark Pody, who is such an example of a God-fearing Christian man, to sit on the Senate Floor and be introduced as one of the largest private employers in Clay County, the county which we all love. He and his wonderful staff (Mrs. Debbie & Kloe are our new best friends!) greeted us with open arms and a kindness that would melt your heart. (I could almost just cry now thinking about it.) He came over once we were in the Senate session and took my sweet mother and let her sit beside him during the session to be honored. Mom has never ever been one to take credit, she always gave Dad the credit for the creativity behind the companies and for her to be honored like she was means so much to me and my family. We even got to see Senator Paul Bailey (actually a cousin of ours on mom’s side) and he was so sweet and let me sit with him! He even let me push the green button and said such kind words about our family of businesses. The true honor & glory for the vitality and existence of our family of businesses goes to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ… without Him and His blessings to both my parents, and to my brother and I today, I don’t think they would have ever taken off and been successful. I tell people all the time that the Lord blessed my parents with the businesses in order to provide jobs for the people in this area… without them, there would have been very little throughout the past 50 years. Our employees are not just employees, they are a part of our family.

As the day went on, we also got to see our wonderful Christian and zealous friend, Rep Kelly Keisling. Ya’ll we love this man and what all he has done on our county’s behalf. He also shows such love to everyone he meets too! Senator Pody and Representative Keisling spent so much time with us and everyone in the Senate and House made us feel so welcome. They were all so kind to each other… it was like witnessing a family. They may not always agree on certain things, but everyone was so kind to one another. It’s a day we will cherish and remember forever.

If there’s anything we brought back, it’s that it’s great to be a Tennessean and that the folks representing us are first class. They start prayer before each session in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, asking for His guidance and wisdom and will to be done and ya’ll… I don’t know about you but that’s the most important and impressive part of it all to me. As your fellow citizen and Tennessean, I can proudly say that Tennessee is in GREAT hands … maybe some of this Tennessee love can spread more and more into Washington too.

We witnessed so much love and kindness that it has touched my heart. I know this post is lengthy, but I had to share… I also want to encourage each of you to take time and tour our State Capitol building sometime… it would truly be worth it.

In closing I want to share a quote from President Kennedy; “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. Upon leaving yesterday we asked Senator Pody and Rep Keisling what we could do to help them… and you know what they said? Prayers… they just need and want prayers. So please joining me in praying for our country, our state, and our leaders for strength, guidance and wisdom, along with protection from those fiery darts the enemy throws. I know they would be very appreciative.

We were honored to have the chance to record a small video segment, which you can watch HERE on YouTube.

Thank you and we’re sending love your way!