Advice from designer Molly Cooper of Cooper & Co. for creating a timeless design scheme for keeping it simple…

Are you the person who follows the most popular influencers and changes your rooms up every other week to keep things fresh or runs to Hobby Lobby for the latest Pinterest project? No? 

Then you, my dear, are living the simple life, and let me say it loud and clear for the ones in the back…that is perfectly fine. Your home décor and design does not have to change by the month or season. Keeping things simple is classic and timeless and ALWAYS in style?

So how can you accomplish a timeless style that you don’t have to redecorate for a few years, here are five tips for doing just that.
1. If I have said this once, I have said it a thousand times, keep the bones neutral. Walls… neutral, furniture…neutral, rugs and window treatments…neutral.
2. Choose well-made pieces of furniture and small décor that will stand the test of time and will withstand kids and pets. Don’t waste your money on junky pieces. Instead purchase furniture that will hold up.
3. Choose a theme for your home, keep it simple. If you choose an accent color, look for one that is nice and fresh and won’t lose its luster after a few months. A good blue or green will do the trick as well as staying with a nice taupe or beige. If you choose one of these for your walls, pick a color in the same color family with a bit different tone and they will work for each other and highlight one another for years to come.
4. Pick a less cluttered style. Don’t put a lot of small pieces out and do not jump from style to style, from room to room. Create stability in your style and let it flow throughout your whole home.
5. Finally, create a small closet space (even a single shelf) that you have a few backup décor pieces that takes only minutes to switch out with something you have had out for a while.
These ideas are simple, easily-doable design tips that anyone can achieve. With a little planning and forethought, you can be living in a well-designed, timelessly decorated home in no time.