So your home is clean and decorated for the holiday season. It looks great. You feel good. You are proud, and you should be. Wouldn’t you like it to stay just like this? 

Sorry, you know it’s impossible, but it is possible to capture your “perfect” home in a series of keepsake photos. Sure, you can make a quick zip through the house and snap, snap, snap. However, it you will follow these simple tips, you can capture your clean, happy and festive holiday home like a pro. 

Tips for creating magazine-worthy home photos.

  1. Be sure your phone or camera is set on the highest resolution (largest file size) for shooting.
  2. Exterior shots of each elevation are best done with there is a little cloud cover to reduce shadows.
  3. Make sure the areas you are shooting are tidy. Sometimes people overlook messy counter tops, garbage cans, cat litter, unmade beds, bathroom clutter, lawn equipment, dirty porches, etc.
  4. Turn on every possible light inside and open all possible curtains and shades for interior photos to flood the rooms with light.
  5. Shoot from eye level just as a person would see the house when visiting.
  6. Go as wide as possible for each room to give the overall feel of the room
  7. Shoot each room from as many corners as possible
  8. Get closer shots of details like the fireplace, stairs, porches or any interesting features or decorated areas.
  9. Shoot both vertical and horizontal photos. If you like sharing on social media, you will have vertical for stories and horizontal for posts. Even if you don’t do social media, shooting both orientations will give you different perspectives on your home.

If you want to see how the pros do it, browse our galleries of photos from professional photo shoots of our customers’ homes. Click here.

Article by Claudia Johnson, Honest Abe Log Homes Director of Marketing

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