Building a custom log home is often a journey.  For some, it takes years of dreaming and research.  Others know exactly what they want and charge ahead.  Then some, like Clyde and Helen Williams, find an unconventional means to arrive at the log home they’ve always wanted.

“After building our model home, one day there was a knock at the door and it was Clyde,” stated Maria Alderson of Arkansas Log Home Connection, an independent dealer of Honest Abe products.  “Clyde had heard that we would show our home, and after a few minutes inside he asked what it would take to buy it, furniture, decorations and all.”  Needless to say, the couples arrived at a deal, and it was the beginning of a lasting relationship.

Clyde and Helen owned a couple of lots nearby, and decided to build a second log home.  Clyde had previously dug a pond on one site in anticipation of building a home.  While they loved the second log home, it lacked the lake view they really wanted.  So what did they do?  You guess it!  The photos here and the floor plan represent their third Honest Abe Log Home.  This was the first home to be built all on one level, which will accommodate the retired couple better as they age.  It also has an attached garage, set at an angle to better fit on the lot.  The lot also allowed the couple to build a detached deck (seen to the left just behind them in the photo) which offers great views and is near the water line.

Clyde and Helen owned a logging business for years, but sold it about five years ago and retired.  Now, family is their focus.  The extra homes allow them to accommodate their family easily.  Plus, being on the lake, they rent the other properties out to vacationers, so they provide a source of income as well.

This last home is similar to Honest Abe’s Creekside plan.  It and their second home was built using the 6” x 12” D-Log system.  We look forward to seeing this home completed, and sharing more with our readers in the future.  Congratulations to Clyde and Helen!

by Joshua Beasley, Honest Abe Log Homes