Colors have the ability to evoke emotions and change our attitudes. They can inspire and motivate us to try something new and bold. They can alter our moods and appetites or even make a room feel small and cramped or large and spacious.

If you plan to redecorate a few rooms this year, the right color choices can make all the difference in the feeling you’re trying to achieve. Better yet, it’s one of the simplest and most affordable decor changes you can make.


In 2020 we are seeing gray as a key color for cars, paint, home textiles and interiors. And second only to blue as the most popular color for menswear. Above all, grays serve as the perfect neutral base to work with all other colors.

Often described as a color of scarce emotion, Gray is actually full of meaningful nuances. It is an eclectic but objective color from its coldest hues close to white to its deepest charcoal tones close to black. Gray is like a canvas, which allows you to paint to your heart’s content. It is also the non-perceptible color of nature suggestive of misty fogs, extreme landscapes, and unreachable horizons.

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A new timber frame home by Honest Abe used Honest Abe’s log siding painted light gray on the exterior and carried the gray hues throughout the house.

“From colors to textures, we’ve got the scoop on which color trends are going strong and we would like you to know about it,” says Rich Dunstan, the president of Perma-Chink Systems. “We design eye-catching colors in many diverse tones that have the power to transform the entire ambience of your exteriors and interiors”

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Article courtesy of Perma-Chink Systems.