by Josh Watson, Construction Coordinator for Honest Abe Log Homes

“Joe & his crew did an outstanding job from the time they arrived until they finished. Thanks from the inspector and me on a job well done!” – Tim Johnston

We always appreciate feedback from our customers, especially when it’s positive! Though I’m joking, somewhat, about one sided positive feedback, we do love when a person takes the time to tell us about their home or its craftsmanship. Joe Isenberg, crew chief of Isenberg Log Home Builders, Inc., even mentioned with a smile that the homeowner was somewhat patting himself on the back….will get back to this in a second.

Tim and Connie Johnston bought log home house plans in July 2011 after meeting with Dan Smith, salesperson out of our Murfreesboro location, and attending a few Log Raising Events at our National Headquarters in Moss, Tenn. They decided on a modified version of our Livingston plan with a garage. With Tim being a very punctual and hands-on type person, he purposely scheduled delivery months in advance, holding the date (Aug. 30, 2012) until he retired so he could be there for delivery and the construction of their home.

This is where Joe’s comment comes in.  Not only was Tim there, but he pretty much became one of the “crew”.  He jumped in to help tote, stack, and fasten screws; Joe observed that, “Tim probably saw every fastener, sealant and timber that went into his home.” When Tim’s wife Connie would come for the occasional visit she was deemed “the inspector” by Tim and Joe, as they both would show her the ins and outs of what had progressed since her last visit.

We congratulate Tim and Connie on their beautiful home and wholeheartedly agree that the “crew” and the “inspector” did a great job!

Customer: Tim & Connie Johnston
Sold By: Dan Smith (Murfreesboro Model)
Dry-in Crew: Isenberg Log Homes Builders, Inc
Log Profile: 8×8 D-log
Roof Style: Heavy Timber

Johnston Home