Heather Ross Stephens and her husband, Jarrett, recently purchased wood components from Honest Abe for a remodel of an existing home. They worked with Honest Abe Log Homes Sales Representative Inez Price, who works at the company’s National Headquarters in Moss, Tennessee. 

Heather provided the photos below and an overview of the project:

“We purchased a farm house to renovate for our personal home in Monroe County in 2016. As part of the remodel we decided to keep with some of the original features as well as bring in our own tastes. The farmhouse was originally built with lumber sawn from the trees from the land it sits on. Keeping with this original feature, we wanted to continue the wood decor going throughout the house.

My husband Jarrett’s family has been in the lumber business for more than 50 years, so the love for wood is in his blood. We have always loved the West and the northern Rocky Mountains, which inspired us to use the pine and cedar on ceilings, walls and in the master shower. There is no way you can think of the some of the great lodges in the mountains of the West without thinking of a cozy warm decor and a crackling fire.

It was also important to us as business owners ourselves to buy locally. Honest Abe was a natural choice because of the quality and legacy they have with wood products.

Each room has wood floors, the ceilings are tongue-and-groove stained pine. The master shower door is made for cedar and trimmed the door facings in cedar due to the moisture resistant properties of the species. We extended the wood to the exterior as well. We used cedar to trim the windows and cedar columns on porch. We built cedar shutters from lumber from Honest Abe using a design from Pinterest.”

We are so happy that Honest Abe provides products that coincide with our personal tastes that reflect the the look we wanted to achieve.

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