From dull and drab to bright and fresh, a few DIY tips to give your home some new life.

For current log homeowners or those interested in building a new log home, I have heard repeatedly that log homes tend to be dark and dull and wood everywhere. While that may be the case in some instances, it is not a rule that log homes must be this way. Do you want to bring life to your home? Here are a few tips and tricks to do just that with both a simple and budget friendly.

Let us start with the age-old comment about log homes… “there is wood everywhere.” Well, yes there sure is. The logs are in fact from real wooden trees, cut, dried, milled and notched specifically for the home.

If you are a homeowner or one interested in building, there is nothing you can do about the log exterior walls short of covering them with drywall. I have no idea why one would choose to do that. The logs are beautiful and full of character.

One way to cut down on the feeling of being overwhelmed with wood, however, is finishing out the interior walls in a different material, such as drywall or painted shiplap. This is becoming increasingly common, and a great way to bring in color to the home. If you like the wood but want to lighten it up. Go with a whitewashed stain color for the walls. You will still get to enjoy and see the beauty of the log without it being the typical “natural wood tone.”

Now, to decorating and bringing life in through your selected pieces.

While decorating a completely wood space, bring in components that have different finishes, such as metals, pottery and glass and painted pieces. I love using different metals and cables even as finishes in a log home, it brings in a contemporary feel to a once boring all wood style.

The industrial style has become immensely popular when mixing it in with a log home and the two go great together. It is quite simple to bring in metal leg bar stools or a painted chest for the bedroom, and these just add another layer to a great look room.

For pops of color, the natural thing to do is run out to Home Goods or Marshall’s and grab a basket full of throw pillows and blankets. While there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with this, step out of your comfort zone and pick up a roll or two of a great colored/printed peel and stick wallpaper. This is such a fun way to introduce color without breaking the bank.

When you’re tired of it, peel it off and start again. Wallpaper has come a long way from the early 1990s, with glue trays and too much glue here and not enough there. Now we have non-damage peel and stick, and if you mess up, take it off and stick it back down. It is a fantastic way to add a fun wall or a whole room of interest. As far as color and style, the sky’s the limit, because there are so many choices out there!

When you start looking at decorating a log home, do not let the total wood package get you down. Brighten your space up and make it feel fresh every day with these useful tips.

Above: Cork accent wall

Bark wall covering 

Shiplap with a light green wash

Galvanized metal

Barnwood and metal

Barnwood and pressed metal

Planks in a herringbone pattern

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