Have you ever sat and watched one of the many “Tiny Home” shows on TV, and think to yourself, “I just don’t know if I could live in such a small space?” You are surely not alone, but let me tell you, it is happening everywhere.

Tiny or low square footage homes are still trending, and I do not see that trend changing anytime soon. With a growing population of small home builders and high lumber costs, building a small home is the answer for many who are dreaming of building their home.

Whether you are building a cozy cabin in the woods or a cabin on wheels, here are five design tips to help you with your small-space living.

Wall Clutter. Do not go overboard with the wall décor. Small spaces fill up quickly, so choose wisely what you want to use while decorating. Take a few key pieces and spread them out throughout each “room.” Also using a shelf as a décor piece and as a functional piece will look nice and keep you organized too!

Mirrors. Using mirrors in a space instantly make it look larger than it really is. So use several. Mix up different finished and shapes, and don’t put them directly across from one another but close enough for them to work together in making the space look larger.

Open Shelving and Multi-Use Furniture. Using open shelves in your kitchen space, no matter the size will help your kitchen appear to be larger than it is instead of using big boxy closed in cabinets. This is also a wonderful tool in keeping you organized – no place to chuck the junk. Also, if you have a super small space for both your dining area and your family room space, bring in pieces that will be multi-functional. Like a shelf that will fold down into a dining table for two, or a coffee table that will raise up and act as your eating table. There are some cool pieces on the market ready to work for you.

Accent Walls. No matter the size, a good accent wall is always nice, even if you are rolling around in a vintage schoolie or in a cozy cabin in the woods, adding in a fun wall adds so much to the space. Bringing character into small spaces will help single out a space from another giving it a bigger feel.

Use the WHOLE Space. Normally you have a bed taking up a lot of room sitting right down on the floor. Elevate the bed, either in a loft situation with a small set of stairs (with storage built into them of course) or an open ladder to access the loft, then you will have the whole space under the bed to use as well.

Recently, my husband and I renovated a 1953 bus that we are turning into a mobile shop. This got my wheels turning. I have finally talked him into buying an old school bus and flipping it into a camper. I will use all these helpful tips in both our projects.

However, you don’t have to a bus to apply these tips, they can be used in any type of home, no matter the size.


Article by Molly Hix Cooper, Honest Abe Log Homes Interior Design Coordinator

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Honest Abe homeowers with pre-teen sons created bookshelves that double as stairs leading to a “clubhouse” in a finshed attic space.

The interior of an Honest Abe Log Homes tiny home pictured above utilizes every foot of space and still has room for family heirlooms and grandchildren’s’ comfort items.

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