…how to achieve a simplistic looking home

In the months and possibly years following Covid-19, I feel strongly that simple might just be best.

As most of us spent a majority of our time at home this past year, which gave us a lot of time to gaze at the four walls of our homes, we have decided what is important and what just simply didn’t make the decorative “cut.”

Personally, I have always been one to not love clutter and even I have gotten rid of lots of things just sitting around. Does my house look bare? No, but most everything has a purpose or story. I switched a lot of things around, donated a great deal and now I am happy with less “stuff” and the simpler life.

Do you want to accomplish a simplistic decorative style? Here are 5 ideas to get you well on your way.

  • Add greenery to your space. It literally brings life into the space. The bright colors from the plants adds pops in all the nooks you find to place a plant. Ok I know, some are thinking, it will be brown in a week. Same here, so that’s why I buy faux. I ordered the best little fiddle leaf “tree” from Amazon, placed it into one of my baskets and bam – plant life without the hassle of watering. Add the green, you will be glad you did.
  • Find an antique. Whether you find it in your parents’ basement or at an estate sale. Bring it home, clean it up and it will add an untold story to the space. I have a newfound love for antique crocks. I found a giant one. It has a few spots that aren’t great looking, but that just adds character. I got a piece of glass cut, and now it’s an instant side table that is a true conversation piece.
  • Layer rugs. It’s a fun new idea that isn’t really that new. Whether it is in your main living area or in your master bed room, keep the rug you have and add a fun rug on top. You could add a cowhide rug for a different feel, or if you have one down already that is keeping with a minimal look, add a different patterned rug to give a different dimension.
  • Rearrange your book case or shelves. Take away one-third of what you have displayed, or go crazy and cut it out by half. Now let’s be honest, we don’t like completely getting rid of all our things, so just store them and switch things around to keep the space fresh throughout the seasons.
  • Re-hang your curtains. Hang them as close to the ceiling and as wide as you can from the window trim. What this is going to do is bring more of the beautiful sunlight into your home, not hide your window trims and show off the clean lines of the windows. Yes, it is different; yes, you’ll get used to it, and believe me you’ll love it in a few days.

    Just remember, if your space is feeling a little uninspiring but you cannot justify a full on home renovation, these simple fixes will guide you the enjoying a more simple space!

    Cooper & Co LogoThe author of this article, Molly Cooper, designer with Cooper & Co, a division of Honest Abe Log Homes, designed Southern Grace, the home of one of Honest Abe’s owners, April Smith Patterson and husband Nick.

    Note how she added faux greenery, repurposed an old sideboard and minimalized the bookcase to create a lush, yet simple atmosphere.

    To see more of Molly’s design for this home, click here.

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