Best Bang for your Buck…Tips to the biggest return when selling your home

by Molly Cooper, Cooper & Co.

It is no secret that the housing market is at an all-time high.

“Buyers are paying stupid amounts of money for a home that would have been listed for 1/3 of the price they are paying now,” a realtor recently told me, perhaps best describing the current situation.

It is certainly a seller’s market. You may have been thinking of selling your home for a while now, but just have not taken the leap quite yet. As the old saying goes, “good things will eventually come to an end,” and this housing market is no different.

So, if you are looking to sell, take time to look around on what you can offer a potential buyer, invest in a remodel, and you will certainly see the reward at closing.

The number one rule for a showing is to DECLUTTER! For a potential buyer coming into your home with piles of mail and kids’ stuff laying around will turn them off quicker than anything. Take all the art of the fridge, hide all the unneeded things away and eliminate small appliances from your kitchen counters.

If you have tons of family photos sitting around, limit to just a few. The key here is to get rid of the junk, make it look nice and clean and allowing the buyer to imagine themselves and their families living there.

There are tons of opportunities for you to see a larger return when selling your home, from updating the exterior and sprucing up the landscaping to finishing out the attic for a possible extra space like an office or playroom. Adding value to your home before the sale will always add money back in your pocket on closing day.


Choose Paint Wisely

A fresh coat of paint will always help in getting an interested buyer to the table. The most important thing when choosing to paint your home is selecting the right color to please all (or most) buyers. Choose something the new home buyer could move right in with all their furnishings and décor and no further work for them.

Neutrals are Nice

It is a great idea to choose neutrals for your color pallet. They tend to match any aesthetic and décor style. If you can’t bear to paint the whole house the same color, choose a neutral color swatch with multiple coordinating tones. The lighter tones for the main living spaces and darker for the bedrooms and bathroom areas. It will give a nice clean look and the new homeowner will be so happy they don’t have to paint as soon as they move in.

Kitchen or Bath Refresh

The biggest investments usually yield the biggest returns. Doing a quick remodel of your kitchen and bathrooms areas will help sell a home the fastest. Could your cabinets use a paint refresh, new hardware, possibly a new water faucet or a simple backsplash change? These are some great ways to refresh your spaces in a short amount of time without breaking the bank.

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