What You Need to Know About Remote Building Sites

Choosing a remote building site has its host of rewards, but it also poses some challenges. 

Designing and building your dream log home puts you squarely on the path less traveled. Some buyers, however, want to forge their own path entirely by choosing as remote building site as they can find. Often these buyers crave privacy and uninterrupted vistas. Others are looking to take a step back from the connectivity of today’s world by building off the grid. There are even modern-day pioneers — homesteaders — who want to be entirely self-sufficient and need ample space to raise livestock and grow their own produce, in addition to building a place to live.

No matter what your motivation for wanting to build remotely, this type of project does present a laundry list of challenges for your budget, your contractor and your log home producer. Here are a few key strategies to help make your log home build go smoothly.

If getting away from it all is what you’re looking for, Log and Timber Home Living has compiled a few points to consider. Read the full article here.