Decorating Updates Don’t Have to Take all Week


by Molly Cooper, designer, Cooper & Co.

Do you ever just want to tackle a project and feel accomplished for the day or weekend? Maybe you do not know what the project even is, but you want to do s•o•m•e•t•h•i•n•g!

I have a few super simple ideas to help your home feel refreshed and very little money needed for the budget.

  • Hand painted wallpaper. I mean how cool would it be to create your very own, one-of-a-kind, hand painted wallpaper? Grab a level, some scrap wood and make a stencil to go by. You can brush it on and the beauty is that it is not perfect. You can even use a kitchen sponge and blot the paint on in a pattern. It is fun and easy and will keep you busy, and in turn you’ll have an amazing focal wall in the end.
  • Coffee bar. Do you love coffee? If not, are you a tea drinker? No matter what your pleasure is, create a small little area in your kitchen or dinning room and bring all kinds of unique items together that will aid you in preparing your favorite “Cup-of-Joe”. From a glass filled with stir stick or spoons, to cool containers for cream or sugar and a mug stand, bring it all together and create a functional space that will make everyone want a cup as well.
  • Photo ledge. I know you have saw them and I know I LOVE them. A simple ledge layered with photos that tell so much of your story, why not display them on a main wall in your living space or common room of your home, for your family and visitors to enjoy. Grab a pre-made ledge or build one for yourself. A 1×3 works well. Attach a small piece of wood in the front so nothing slips off. Layer in different pictures with different frames in different colors, add in a piece of art work or a kids drawing (they love to display their creations), and let the ledge tell the story of your life and your family.

So from painting or coffee bars to photo walls, the least little thing can help refresh and create interest in your home, so involve the kids and get to work and feel accomplished while creating memories and beautifully designed spaces!

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To the left of their timber frame breakfast room, Connie and Alex Diamond created a simple coffee nook in their Honest Abe Log Homes custom log cabin pictured above.

Honest Abe Log Homes’ customer Tammy Taylor converted an antique wardrobe into a coffee bar in the guest room of her new log home.

For techniques on handpainting wallpaper, clik here.

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