Mountain Dream Home Realized

Just the Facts

Year Completed – 2018

Square Footage of each floor or level

Main Level – 2,021SF

Basement Level – 2.021SF

Porches & Decks – 1,534

Total Square footage – 4,042

Log Type – 8×12 Genesis w/Dove Tail Corners

Roof System – Conventional System

Honest Abe Dealer – Darlene Dawson, Bear’s Den Log Homes



Rick and Lisa Hood built the home they’d dreamed of in Morganton, North Carolina, in 2018.

“We have found that our Honest Abe Log home provides the warmth that we so desired,” the Hoods said. “With the front porch, large back deck, and the open floor plan, we never want to leave. Since we have recently retired, we are so thankful that Honest Abe built our forever comfortable log home.”

They graciously answered questions about their log home design and construction experience for Honest Abe Living magazine.

Choosing a Company

HAL: Why did you choose a log home over a conventional home?

Hoods: It has been a lifelong dream of ours to live in a log home. We first thought about a brick or stone home, but knew we would regret not truly building what would become our dream home.
HAL: What Honest Abe in-house sales rep or Independent Dealer did you work with
and how did you find them?

Hoods: Darlene Dawson was our Independent Dealer that we worked with. We actually found Darlene while we were just driving around neighborhoods that consisted of many log homes. We stopped at a house that was under construction and little did we know that was where we met Darlene. She was extremely nice and very informative. From that point on she would be there all along from start to finish on our log home.

HAL: Why did you choose Honest Abe Log Homes as the custom designer and manufacturer for your home?

Hoods: Darlene took us through other Honest Abe Log Homes, and we were in awe of their construction. We had seen other manufactures, but after going through Honest Abe constructions, we knew immediately that they would be where our logs would come from.

Developing a Floor Plan

HAL: How did you develop the perfect floor plan?

Hoods: Long before we decided that we would be building a log home we searched for what would be our perfect home

and layout. The plans that we found were not specifically for log homes. After meeting Darlene, we shared the plans with her, and Honest Abe took them and customized the design to be built as a log home.

HAL: How did you settle upon a log profile style?

Hoods: We decided on the Genesis with Dove Tail Corners. It was important for us to choose logs that would mimic what pioneers in our area long ago would use.

HAL: Is there anything special about the location of the home?

Hoods: Our family has deep ties to Table Rock Mountain, so we searched for land that would have views of it. After choosing our wooded lot, we knew that having certain trees removed there would be that beautiful view that was dear to us. Having a large deck that went the width of the house we would be able to relax in our tranquility. In addition to the mountain views we also have a view of the pastures of the equestrian center. Another bonus would be the Catawba River that horseshoes around our neighborhood.

HAL: What is your own and/or your family’s favorite thing about your new home and why?

Hoods: We have so many favorite things about our home, it’s hard to choose only one. Okay we will narrow them down to two. The two favorite things about our home are the open floor plan and the large windows that let in so much light and gorgeous views.

Making it Their Own

HAL: How did you make it your own in terms of design?

Hoods: One of the specific things we had to work around was the kitchen island. It had to be large enough to accommodate five bar stools for each of the grandchildren. We ended up with a bonus sixth spot!! The second specific desire was to have a bank of windows along the kitchen counter and sink. Being able to look out the kitchen and watch many kinds of birds, squirrels, rabbits, deer, and even racoons around is very enjoyable.

HAL: What are the most outstanding design or visual features?

Hoods: The visual features have to be the open plan and the simplicity. We want each person that enters our home to feel the coziness and welcomeness that it offers. The warmness of the logs and the 24’ ceiling with windows on each end help to make you never want to leave. We were extremely successful with Honest Abe’s help to build our forever and cozy retirement home.

Feeling Satisfied

HAL: Would you do this again?

Hoods: We absolutely would do this again with Honest Abe and Darlene Dawson’s help.

HAL: How was your construction experience (separate from your experience with Honest Abe)? Hoods:Darlene was there to answer each question that we had. We had never built a house and this was a first experience for us. At times we thought it was lagging, but there were a lot of things going on behind the scenes. We were building at the time there was a lot of new construction going on, so some subs were hard to get. All in all we were satisfied with our experience.

HAL: Any advice for others hoping to build a log home?

Hoods: When you decide that a log home will be your desire, do a lot of research. Style of logs, trim work, stain choices and each detail are a few things that those desiring to build a log home should consider. Visit your work site daily if possible. That way you can catch any design flaw that you would like to change (if possible) before it goes any further. Be patient and think everything through.

HAL: You moved in in 2018. So far, how is your home holding up?

Hoods: Our home is holding up well, and we have found it to be energy efficient even with the high ceilings throughout.

Interview by Claudia Johnson


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