free-webinarKitchen Confidential: Expert Tips for Bringing Your Dream Kitchen to Life

No matter the size of your log or timber home, the main level is definitely where you’ll do most of your living. And although you’ll spend plenty of time in the great room and living areas, don’t be surprised if you find yourself being drawn to the kitchen time and time again. It’s because of this frequent use that this highly functional (and focus-worthy) space should be planned to near perfection. To accomplish just that, Honest Abe Log Homes partnered with the editor of Timber Home Living magazine, Sara Brown, to bring you expert tips and planning advice in an informative webinar. Through inspirational photos paired with need-to-know storage, design and budget information, this FREE session provides you with a recipe for success to cook up the kitchen of your dreams. Click the link below to begin the webinar and enjoy it at your own pace.

Honest Abe Kitchen Gallery

Click on the images below in this Log Home Kitchen Gallery to enlarge them and to explore a variety of interpretations of kitchen spaces by our clients working with our designers. Read an article about seven Honest Abe homeowners kitchen design choices and how they decided on the details of their kitchen.

The kitchen really is the heart of a home. It is far more than a location from which sustenance is distributed. A kitchen pulsates with daily activity and beats to the rhythms of life’s milestones. Because food itself is so tightly intertwined with a family’s celebrations and sorrows, the practicality of a kitchen is overshadowed by one’s personal perception, interpretation and memory.

One challenge of kitchen design becomes how to balance utilitarian needs with aesthetic desires. To be practical, at the very least a kitchen must have a stove, sink, refrigerator and storage space. Modern life demands far more – microwave, dishwasher and small appliances. Beyond that, the options are endless. Even those homeowners who know exactly what they want in necessities and amenities must make choices about those items – countertops, lighting, appliance finishes, cabinetry, fixtures, flooring – a plethora of possibilities.

Fortunately, with more than 6,000 homes designed by Honest Abe and occupied throughout the United States and several foreign countries, the Honest Abe design team, working closely with sales representatives, have extensive experience in listening to a customers’ ideas and designing what is envisioned.

The textures, grains, patterns and scents of log homes and timber frame homes quite naturally stimulate the senses and often evoke a strong emotional response. The experience of living in a log or timber frame home is tactile and visual. All design choices, each room scape and every decorative touch speaks about and whispers to the homeowner.

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