The Wilson Log Home is a Haven for Christmas Visitors

Throughout the next few weeks, families everywhere will be busy with the hustle and bustle the Christmas season brings. The yearly family traditions, each unique and special to one’s own family and the many festivities one takes part in or attends this time of year are already upon us. Time spent shopping for the perfect gift for your loved ones, caroling, plays and numerous parties with church, work and family fill our days. This is no different for Grady and Janet Wilson and their family.  Christmas, among other holidays, is filled with rich family traditions and time spent building memories with each other.

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Deck the Halls

Preparing and decorating their 4,100 square foot log home for the Christmas season is always a fun and creative challenge for Janet each year. Starting the decorating the last of October, she is usually putting the finishing touches on her home the week of Christmas. Besides the ten Christmas trees Janet puts up each year, the house is filled with various decorations throughout to match the rustic lodge décor of her home.  Each room, having a special theme, for example, the bear room, the moose room, the Southwest buffalo room, and the North American woodland room, just to name a few, are decorated accordingly.

A wide variety of decorations are used to embellish the predominant décor such as red berries, wreaths, sleds, cranberries, grapes, apples, elk horns, deer, bells and even sixteen inch pine cones specially purchased and grown only out west. The biggest tree, which is twelve feet, is situated in the family room.  A nine foot tree stands in the living room, and an eight foot tree in the master bedroom which is where the family gathers for their Christmas celebration.

Smaller trees down to four feet are scattered throughout the home mingled with greenery, lights and tasteful and exquisite decorations for the Christmas season. One very unique tree situated in the dining room is decorated with red birds.  The glass ornaments in this home are extra special because Grady’s mother is the artist of each delicately hand-painted bulb.

In the dining room, majestically displayed within open doors of the rustic, yet elaborate hutch is a beautiful Nativity.  Listening closely, one can hear the peaceful and tranquil sounds of a waterfall.  Exiting the dining room and entering into the breezeway, an astounding visual of the soothing sounds previously heard is before you as you take in the beautiful waterfall trickling down the walls.  Enhancing the natural beauty of it is the stunning three foot Nativity, handmade from chenille.  This amazing work of art is situated across from the waterfall in the breezeway window, set off and embellished with pine, berries, and lights giving one a sense of awe as they gaze upon it. If anyone is lacking in Christmas spirit, a stroll through the Wilson home is sure to stir up the spirit within of this wonderful season!

Here Come the Relatives

The Grady’s have a total of 14 that all gather at their home Christmas Eve. This includes daughter Melissa and her husband, Jackie; son Nathan and his wife Jeanette; and grandchildren Chloe, Graycee, Jon-Luke, Dalton, Levi, Bridgette, Chelsea and Jackie. The food consists of a delicious assortment of finger foods. Throughout the house, one can smell the aroma of what Janet and her family call ‘hot toddy;’ a mixture of apple cider, cinnamon, and other spices, steaming from the crock pot to be enjoyed throughout the evening.  

Everyone then gathers in the spacious master bedroom for the traditional reflection of Christmas followed by opening of gifts. Son Nathan reads the Christmas story of the Nativity from the Bible, and the family takes this time to reflect on what Christmas means to them. 

The family then gathers around, holding hands, praying with thankfulness in their hearts for everyone’s safety throughout the year and the tremendous blessing of all being together.  Next, everyone picks a spot for gift opening time!  Someone is elected to hand out gifts, but no one is to begin opening till all are handed out.  Then one at a time, gifts are opened while all are watching, and daughter Melissa takes pictures to capture memories to be enjoyed many years later.

Breakfast is Served

To top off an already eventful day, some of the grand kids stay the night with Ma and Pa while the children’s parents and older grand kids return to their home. The next morning Ma and Pa cook breakfast in Janet’s cozy, but well equipped kitchen complete with Jenn-Air appliances making it easier to cook a variety of things. 

The décor of the copper farm sinks and counters along with elk horns above provide a cozy, old-fashion feeling of Christmas from days gone by. One fond memory Janet recalls is their first Christmas breakfast in their lovely log home. 

The grandkids were given slips of paper Christmas Eve and told to write down their ‘order’ for breakfast Christmas morning.  The next morning Ma and Pa Grady cooked and served each one their special breakfast. Looking back, one can see where it’s not the big things that make the most heartfelt memories, but really the simple gestures in life that we talk about and remember for years to come.  For the grandkids, Christmas breakfast at Ma’s and Pa’s is definitely a very special and memorable event each year!

Dreams of Christmas Future

The Wilson’s had always dreamed of building a large and rustic log home one day; that dream became a reality five years ago.  Planned out with great detail and decorated so uniquely and creatively, their home is amazing! Realizing how tough and difficult life can be at times, Grady and Janet’s desire was for their children and grandchildren to always find in their home a place of refuge, peace and comfort.

They strongly and passionately feel that the spirit of Christ abiding in their home and his love, along with their family and friends to share it with, are what brings joy and fulfillment to life and makes their house a home. They rejoice in the many special memories already made in Christmas’ past, but are excited and anticipate the new and wonderful memories to be made this Christmas season!

Article By: Melissa Watson, Honest Abe Log Homes

Photography By:
Simply Posh Photography – Melissa Schubert, Jeanette Wilson

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