Lake Homes by Honest Abe Log Homes

by Claudia Johnson, Honest Abe Marketing

The benefits of living in a lakeside home are many. For those who love to entertain, what better place is there to invite your guests for fishing, boating and other water sports, not to mention relaxing outdoor dinners as the sun sets over the lake?

Nature is all around at the lake. Most lake homes are situated in trees that provide a habitat for birds, squirrels and other wildlife. Depending on the location of the lake side cabin, deer, elk, otters or even bears may take advantage of the lush shoreline.

Children and pets love an escape to the lake. Many of Honest Abe’s homeowners who have built lakeside homes make that choice while their children are still young enough to enjoy halcyon summers on the water or cozy winters with a roaring fire with the lake in clear view through a wall of windows. Others build a lake home for retirement, creating a central place where children and grandchildren can converge.

Lakes have their own personality, and the people who live around them enjoy a sense of community through their shared experience. Lifelong friends are made on the lake, whether the residents live there year round or look forward to reuniting during summer and holiday seasons.

Even with the camaraderie of neighbors, lakes offer privacy. Most often lakeside homes are on lots large enough to offer distance between neighbors, and even for smaller lots, trees, shrubs and privacy fences can be used to create a sense of solitude within crowded surroundings.

In addition to the intangible benefits of a lakeside cabin, is the monetary benefit of owning one. When well maintained, a lake cabin or home of any size holds its value and even becomes more desirable over time. Choosing a floor plan that meets the owners’ current needs with an eye to the future possibility of selling or leaving it to the next generation is wise.

After all, there will never be a time when watching the sun rise or set over a lake is not one of the greatest joys in life.

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