If you’re looking for an alternative to ham or turkey for holiday feasting, Tennessee blogger Denise Grisham, author of the cooking blog Man that Stuff is Good, offers instructions for cooking a prime rib with a homemade herb butter rub. 

How to Make Herb Butter Rub

Mix around ten heaping teaspoons of minced garlic into two softened sticks of butter.
 Chop up a handful of rosemary and thyme. (About two tablespoons each)
 Mix in spices along with two tablespoons of salt and one tablespoon of pepper.
Now here is the not so fun part. Slather the butter all over the rib roast. 
How to Cook the Prime Rib
Preheat the oven to 500 degrees. 
Slather a ROOM TEMPERATURE rib roast (we use a whole ribeye) with herb butter and place in a pan with a rack. (fat side on top)
Bake it for 5 minutes for each pound at 500 degrees. (10 lb. rib roast bake for 50 minutes.)
Turn off the oven and let it sit inside the oven for two hours. Don’t open the door!
Remove from oven and slice it to your desired thickness.
How to Make Gravy from the Drippings
Make a gravy from the juices. Add the pan drippings to a saucepan. Whisk in 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. When you have no lumps, slowly stir in 2 cups of beef stock until it’s blended and thickens.