Over the years we’ve noticed that most people who visit our website, honestabe.com, love to flip through the photos and browse the floor plans. That’s a good thing since we have dozens of plans and hundreds of photos.

Now we’re making the experience even more informative, not to mention much easier for visitors.

All our galleries have been curated to include 10-20 photos that tell the story of the house. There are exterior elevation photos along with interior shots of typical rooms like the great room, kitchen, dining area, bedrooms, baths and any other special places.

The galleries are organized into log profile styles in an effort to help visitors narrow down their preferences as they begin to launch a new home project. Click this the sharable link to the gallery page.

Each gallery is named for the customer whose home is featured, the name of the plan and whether it has been substantially modified. Examples: Wilson Home, Bellewood Plan, Modified or Langer Timber Frame, Custom Plan.

This makes it easy for our dealers and sales reps to quickly find a home they’d like to show a client as an example, and it makes it so convenient for a person looking for a log home to identify the look they like by name of the homeowner and/or the plan.

 What’s more, there’s a link to the plan on the page, and if there’s ever been a story done about the home, there’s a link so more can be learned about the planning, building and decorating of the home and about the family whose dream came true in the process.

For those visitors who have not yet registered to receive additional information or work directly with a dealer or sales rep, there is a button directing them to a secure sign-up form.

Over the years more homes and other buildings will be added to the galleries as we celebrate the clients who chose an Honest Abe home for their forever home.

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