The first defense is always a great offense! That is absolutely the case when it comes to the staining, sealing and maintenance of the wood of a log home. But finding the right stain, with the right colors and a lasting sealant with a cleaning solution that offers brilliant colors is a big consideration.
Perma-Chink is the preferred manufacturer for Honest Abe Log Homes. From decades of experience we know that the stain and sealant and even the color you select will change the appearance and enhance the longevity of the home you have built.
Whether the home is new and being stained and sealed for the first time or whether your home is being enhanced – or you even want to change the color of your stain for a different look – Perma-Chink offers a careful guide about how to pre-treat the logs, clean them and then apply your stains and sealants.
This guide is being offered to Honest Abe Log Homeowners before it is being make available to the general public. We hope you will take the time to review it and share it before getting started with a contractor or a DIY project of staining and sealing your home – both inside and out and even on traditional decking materials.
This guide provides information to help you select the right colors, pretreat the logs so that they will absorb the stain correctly and to then seal the wood.
Whether you plan to change up your interior or exterior colors or keep the color you have with new sealant or you are starting with a brand new home that may feel daunting when you start to select your colors, you’ll find a great guide in the new Perma-Chink booklet.
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