During the Smith Companies 50th Anniversary Celebration on Oct. 27 at Moss, Tennessee, a new logo for Honest Abe Log Homes was unveiled.
Honest Abe’s 40th year in operation will be commemorated in 2019, and the new logo design is an early birthday present for the company.
“We felt that our traditional branding had become antiquated,” explained Josh Beasley, President of Honest Abe Log Homes. “We wanted a new design that could resonate better with today’s clientele.”
Beasley said the new logo offers an updated look while still promoting the heritage of the family-owned company and log homes in general.
Like company logos of the past, a log cabin figures prominently in the design. An enhanced color scheme includes a deeper red that previous logos contrasted with an earthy tan in honor of the wood and the earth from which it grows.
“Since 1979” was added to reassure viewers immediately that they are dealing with a stable company that has proven it longevity.
“Honest Abe has spent the last four decades solidifying a good reputation with clients, vendors and even with competitors, and we expect this new branding will still carry that same trust into the future,” Beasley said.
Beasley said that the company will immediately begin implementing the new logo and color scheme into its advertising, online marketing, print materials, billboards, signage and more.
“We’re acutely aware that certain foundational principles make up the core of who we are and what we do,” Beasley said. “Building off of that, we’re constantly looking at ways to introduce new products, better serve customers and improve our standing in the market. The new
logo and branding is just another way Honest Abe is preparing for many more decades of success.”