We all grew up eating Jello, right? What a treat it was and still is. All our moms created these beautiful dishes with gelatin, fruits, whipped topping, nuts, marshmallows and even vegetables. One of the most fun options was the Multi Stripe Delight in which layers of gelatin form a color spectrum that delights the eye as well as the palette.

A big brandy snifter was used for this photo above from a late 1960s edition of Joys of Jello. This exotic look (for that time period, at least) was created by tilting the snifter against the wall of the refrigerator as the gelatin hardened. This actually works well and looks very elegant in stemmed glasses, too.

Preparation is easy.

Prepare several fruit layers of fruit gelatin as directed on packages using as many packages and flavors as will fill your crystal bowl, punch bowl, snifter or stemmed glasses.

If the capacity of your bowl or glasses is unknown, fill the piece of glassware with water, then measure the water and use a 3-ounce package of gelatin for each 2 cups required to fill the bowl. Plan on four servings from each 3-ounce package of gelatin used in the bowl.

Layer the flavors in the bowl.

How to layer gelatin.

To layer gelatin mixtures, chill each layer until set but not firm before adding the next layer. If the first layer is too firm, the layers may slip apart when unmolded. Many layers may be built up this way. Except for the first layer, the gelatin mixture should be cool and slightly thickened before being poured into the mold. If the mixture is warm, it may soften the layer beneath and mixtures may run or mix together

Chill until firm, and garnish with frosted grapes if desired.

How to frost grapes.

To create frosted grapes a lovely garnish for salads, meat platters and desserts or serve them as delicious desserts you will need two pounds of seedless grapes, one egg white slightly beaten and one 3-ounce package of gelatin powder.

Dip small clusters of grapes one at a time into beaten egg white and allow excess to drain off. Sprinkle it with gelatin powder. Chill until dry – about three hours. Use as a garnish or dessert. Frosted grapes may be stored in the refrigerator overnight.