Most see the holiday season as the most wonderful time of year, but let’s just be honest for a minute. For those of us who are the shopper, the chef, the decorator and not to mention all of life’s normal jobs we carry all year long, this time of year is a lot. Ladies and Gents, let’s make this year different…stress free (ok I realize that is near impossible) but, hey, we can try! 

This holiday season, we need to enjoy our families and enjoy our homes and let the rest be. So take a day at a time, a room at a time and a task at a time, and make this holiday season the best one yet.

Most of us start the season by decorating the most important part of our homes and work out from there. The great room or family room is normally the spot where the infamous Christmas tree is placed and decorated. Weather you have a theme tree or are old-fashioned and decorate it with your special family ornaments that you’ve collected over the years, your tree is the star when it comes to Christmas decorating. 

Like most folks we can’t get finished with decorating the main tree till we start taking decorations to other rooms and getting everything placed just right. If you don’t have a lot to decorate the rest of your home with,

 go out and clip some cedar and holly and tie a nice bow around the stems. It will add just enough to the room to fill it with the joys of the season. I have found that placing live greenery is plenty. What is that old saying – “less is more?” And the smell is amazing.

Next to decorating, eating is just as important during the holidays. In most cases the kitchen is the hub of the home when all the family is gathered, so let’s not forget to put a little extra care in decorating here too! I love decorating the dining table almost as much as I do the Christmas tree.  A beautiful tablescape will have your guest oohing and ahhing over all the pretties, and I think it makes the food look better too! It is all in the packaging, right?

With everything decorated, inside and out (you did remember to hang your wreath on the door?), sit and enjoy this most special time with the ones you love in a beautifully decorated home. There’s just something about sitting on the sofa under a good blanket and the glow of the tree lighting up the room and the eyes of the littles snuggled up beside you. There is just nothing like it. It is a time to reflect on all the blessings and abilities the Lord has given us to do all the things we love, from cooking to decorating to unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning. Enjoy this time, make memories and be less stressed this holiday season. 

Article by Molly Cooper, Design Coordinator for Cooper & Co.


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