Log Home life often means living on a property that is outside cities that can offer strong internet signals. And often, even with log homes that are in neighborhoods, a timber frame is large enough that there may be dead spots in the home that a single Wi-Fi router cannot reach.

Most of us know the frustration of fragmented Wi-Fi coverage. The biggest sign is that calls drop as you move from one area of your home to another, or you may have speed drops as your Wi-Fi strength drops in different places in your home. The good news is that there is a a simple to install solution that will work regardless of your network provider or the type of router you may be using at the point of contract where your internet connects to your home.

Mesh networks are small devices that you can plug into any outlet in your home that will function like small routers, picking up the signal of your main router’s Wi-Fi and rebroadcasting it in the area around the mesh plug in unit. These plugin units are commonly called “nodes”. Mesh networks allow you to move freely around your house without losing your connectivity or having to login to a different network.

Determining the number of Mesh Network nodes you may need will be a little trial and error. Generally, the manufacturer will provide instructions about the area that a node will cover and how to position them in relation to each other to provide a seamless mesh of Wi-Fi in your home.

Learn more about the technology HERE.

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