When building a home, most men think about all the things that go into the construction of the home, while the women are decorating the master bedroom and selecting the throw pillows in her mind, but that is only half the battle. When it comes to the end result and blending masculine with feminine styles together that is when the true test shows itself. Let me give you a few tips to makes the style work in your home.

  1. Take inventory of all you have. When combining two homes, set up a voting system or points system if you will. Decide which items make the cut and which do not. Vote on the items together, and the chances of you being happy in the end are far greater than not.  When there is an item that one just can’t live without, but it is not the favorite of the other, use it as a backup piece and don’t let it be a main player in the end design. Furniture may not work with a repaint or stain and reupholstery might bring a piece back to life… that will also save money, and you can’t go wrong doing that!

    This bedroom is a nice compromise between masculine and feminine.

  2. Pick a style inspiration. Choose magazine articles or Pinterest boards, do this separately at first, then come together and review what you each and come to an agreement of what will work best for you. Many times, a couple will choose similar styles each with their own specific twist that appeals to them. Staying in the neutral color pallet will work best and choose good bones for the project and work from there to build your look together.
  3. When choosing décor for your newly emerged masculine/feminine style, try to steer clear of overly using gender specific items. While you can see both styles present, keep your décor more gender neutral for the most part. For example, avoid using an excessive amount of hides and taxidermy on the walls, as well as floral and patterns everywhere.  If you just must have a hide rug, pare it with a patterned rug with a bit of color to really elevate the look. Also, you can use a floral arrangement in the space, but keep it to greenery only and leave the flowers off.

If you and your partner will make a conscious effort to stick to these easy rules, you will develop a space that you both can love, be proud of, and feel like to hanging out in.

Design tips by Molly Cooper, Cooper & Company Design Services, a division of Honest Abe Log Homes.


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