Hi and welcome to “Getting Crafty with the Smith’s!” Fall is our favorite time of year and what better craft to make than a “Fall Wreath” to show off our country charm in the spectacular fall colors!


Fall Ribbon Wreath

What you need:
•  Burlap Ribbon or Deco Mesh Ribbon
•  Wire Wreath Frame
•  Floral Wire
•  Fall Flowers or Embellishments
•  Chalk Board & Chalk

Step 1: Grab your wire wreath frame. I chose a rather large frame, but there are several different frames to choose from.  I think the easiest way to decide on the size of your wreath is to look at the size of your door.

Step 2: Create a loop with your burlap ribbon and use the floral wire to attach it on your frame.  You can make these loops big or small, it just depends on how you want your wreath to look.  We bunched our ribbon up every 5-6 inches or so.  Do this all the way around the outside rings of the wreath until you make it back to your starting point.

Step 3: Once you’ve gone all the way around with your ribbon, you can start to move things around until you fill in all the gaps.

Step 4: Next, we added some Fall embellishments to our wreaths. We also got a chalkboard and wrote “Happy Fall Ya’ll” to hang in the center. You could add a letter or anything Finally, you’re ready to hang your wreath!

We hope you enjoyed this craft as much as we enjoyed making it! Tip: Have your family over for dinner and spend your craft time with each other! That’s how we do each craft… together! There’s nothing like spending time with family.