Log homes bring many advantages, but storage space is rarely one of them. Typically, log cabins tend to be smaller than our homes. Although there is a certain minimalist allure to spending time in a smaller space, this can become a problem if you like to spend more than a few days in your log cabin. Furthermore, many people want to have everything they might need close to them. Also, if you engage in many outdoor activities that require equipment, you could face the issue of having a cramped and disorganized home soon enough. For this reason, we will talk about actionable log home storage solutions that can help you keep your log cabin neat and enjoyable. 

Of course, the best way to solve the issue of storage space is to have the contractors build a custom floor plan that can accommodate any number of things you plan to keep in your log cabin. Yet, if this is not an option, there are many log cabin storage solutions out there you can implement. So, let’s see what they are.

You can design and organize your log home to maximize storage space.

Reorganize your kitchen.

Cabin kitchens tend to be tiny, and if you are an avid cook, you might be torn between the need to stay organized and the ambition to keep a lot of cooking tools and supplies. So, if you do not have enough storage space in the kitchen, you can use the walls and ceilings to expand its storage potential. In this sense, hooks can be extremely helpful. You can hang the pots from the walls or ceiling, so they do not obstruct movement in the kitchen. Make sure you use the vertical space to keep the kitchen organized. Pictured above is a compact kitchen with impressive storage capacity.

Laundry room space is used for displaying antiques along with making more functional items accessible.

Use the under-stairs space.

Many log homeowners tend to underuse the space beneath the staircase. For some, this has to do with keeping the rustic integrity of the home intact. However, you can still use the under-stairs space without making it seem like you have just thrown things underneath for lack of a better solution. 

Build shelving or drawers.

A recent trend in log cabin design is to fill up this space with shelves or drawers. However, sometimes this is not an elegant solution if your stairs are too wide or too narrow. The shelves and drawers might be too deep or shallow for you to store your items efficiently.

Another more functional solution is to build cubbies where you can place baskets that you can pull out easily or put the item you want to store in the open compartment. In this way, you can either showcase the items or hide them from plain sight.

A game room bar was created by the homeowner using the space underneath the staircase.

Use the space for a specific purpose.

Instead of creating storage space under the stairs, you can use it for a particular purpose, such as a computer area, a library, or anything else that will free up space in another part of your log cabin. In this way, you can maximize the space that you have at your disposal.

Make a closet.

Finally, if you hate the idea of storing clothes in drawers or baskets, you can build a closet. This is an excellent solution whether you like to travel light to your cabin or have a variety of clothes you can choose from. Place shelves in the upper part of the closet – you can store socks, hats, underwear, and folded clothes here. The rest can be a coat rack with hangers so that you do not have to carry your winter coat with you every time you visit your cabin. 

You can fit a small closet into the understairs area. It is one of the best log home storage solutions.

Store bulky things under the beds.

Just as you can use the space under the stairs, you can use the open space beneath the beds. As log cabin bedrooms tend to be small or reduced, using the bed for storage makes sense. In this way, you will free up the space as you won’t have to keep a full-sized dresser in the room. Also, your skiing equipment, such as skis, shoes, or skiing clothes, could easily fit here. To maintain the aesthetics of the log cabin, build a wheeled drawer out of wood and place it underneath the bed frame.

The guest room in a vacation cabin has floor-length bedspreads so visitors can store suitcases underneath the beds.

Use your bed to solve your log home storage problems. 

However, if you still lack storage space, you can always rent out a storage unit where you can keep bulky or fragile items that occupy your log home. You can use an alternative solution for this type of stuff instead of turning your cabin into your storage home rather than your leisure home.

Choose furniture that functions as storage.

In this cabin, a custom furniture pieces was built to provide storage and style in a small bathroom.

Another good way to solve your storage problem in your log home is to buy furniture that can store items. So, if you have a coffee table next to your couch, you can replace it with a table that has a drawer or a shelf beneath to make it more functional. For instance, an end table with a storage compartment can be used to store wood and other items needed to start a fire.

Create in-wall and ceiling shelves and storage space. 

If you do not have a wall where you can hang shelves, you can build them into the wall instead. Since standard log home walls should be about 4 inches thick, this gives you enough room to construct in-wall shelving. You can store spices, pots, pans, books, candles, or other decorative items. Not everything has to be purely utilitarian in your home, and this storage solution can elevate the look of your log home just as much as its functionality.

Which of the log home storage solutions do you like best?

These have been simple log home storage solutions to give you a few ideas on how to organize your space better. They can inspire you to think of other out-of-the-box solutions and maximize the use of all available space in your log home.

– article contributed exclusively for Honest Abe Log Homes by Tanya Douglas, a storage specialist with East Coast Haul

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