Log Home Kitchens Inspiring for Honest Abe President

by Josh Beasley, President, Honest Abe Log Homes

Honest Abe Living, Sept.-Oct. 2014

My passion for our homes was kindled within the warm atmosphere of a small country kitchen many years ago.

My aunt and uncle built their Honest Abe log home in the 1980s. Throughout my life, my family would make a very early morning trip each Christmas Eve to visit and eat breakfast. My aunt would be up well before the sun, preparing the most wonderful breakfast one could imagine.

From about five o’clock until past ten in the morning, family, friends and it seemed like the whole local community would come through their kitchen. They would eat, share stories and memories and celebrate the holiday with one another.

My aunt and uncle would juggle greeting everyone that stepped through the door, flipping pancakes, filling coffee cups and asking the grandkids if they were due a lump of coal from Santa or not.

That started it all for me. There’s a great story there, and I’ve always thought it would make a beautiful Norman Rockwell scene. Yet, it didn’t just happen that easy. There was a lot of preparation, work, organization and functional needs that came into play to pull off such an event year after year.

The kitchen needed to be open and well designed to allow all of that work to be accomplished. It also needed to be inviting and warm to evoke an emotional connection, feeling like home to anyone who would visit.

For those of us that love kitchens and all they encompass, that’s where we can spend a lot of time, effort and anxiety trying to make it just right. At Honest Abe, we like to help with that process, and our designers have helped clients lay out hundreds if not thousands of kitchens.

Honest Abe’s log and timber homes offer a lot of flexibility for kitchen designs. In this issue, you’ll find just a few examples of lovely kitchens – perfectly suited for their owners – and ready to make memories for a lifetime.

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