Every aficionado of mysteries knows that the the guilty had the ability to commit the crime (means), a reason to do it (motive) and the chance to commit the act (opportunity).

The upcomingTennessee Honest Abe Log Cabin Open House provides the opportunity to tour a variety of Honest Abe log homes, speak to the owners and learn first-hand about what it’s like to build and live in a log home.

There are several possible motives for attending the Oct. 22 tour. You may never have been inside a log home, so here’s a chance.

You may be planning on building soon, and you want answers from people who have recently experienced the process.

You may have decided on everything about your new log home except the manufacturer, and you want to talk to people who have worked with Honest Abe and see our products.

That’s why we’re providing the means for you to spend a beautiful autumn Saturday on theTennessee Honest Abe Log Cabin Open House.

We’ve partnered with happy homeowners who want you to visit any time between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.. The tour ticket is free with a simple registration online or by calling an Honest Abe model home office.

Wouldn’t it be a crime if you were guilty of missing the Tennessee Honest Abe Log Cabin Open House? Read more about it in this issue of Honest Abe Living, and commit yourself to a fun and informative day.

After all, life in a log home wouldn’t be such a bad sentence, right?

Register for theTennessee Honest Abe Log Cabin Open House here.