It is inevitable, just likes bill come in the mail month after month, spring cleaning comes around year after year without fail. Don’t dread it, but learn how to dive in make it easier, and commit to your decluttering decisions and in the end your home will sing of spring time and feel refreshed and renewed for the year to come. 

So how do you get started? First let’s face it we all work better with a deadline, so every year I invite my mother in law to our home for a weekend visit, she lives three hours away, so they never just “drop by”, I schedule it and plan fun things for them to do with our boys and look forward to a fun visit. But the month before I spend my time spring cleaning, knowing in the back of my mind, that weekend she is coming to visit is my deadline. It make it easier for me to know there is an end date. 

Also keep in mind the less you have the less there is to clean. If you don’t need it, donate, trash it or store it, but get rid of it from your everyday used space. You know what you use and what you don’t and if doesn’t have a purpose, just let it go and stay committed to that decision. 

Start in the easier end of the house and move toward the Kitchen, you don’t want to get discouraged right off the bat and the kitchen with the grease splashes and all the cabinet is over whelming and by the end, I just want to get it done so it don’t hurt as bad if I save it till the last. 

If the kiddos have an overflow of toys …and they only play with the box it came in…get them involved. If they have broken toys or things that can’t work without the missing part, then just trash it Make a game out of it, maybe give a treat for a full basket of toys for donation. An ice cream trip or a bowling night and bonus those trips won’t come back in your home!

As you declutter clean that space, you can even try setting a timer on your phone. I get easily distracted so this helps me stay focused.  Give yourself a certain amount of time to get the room done and work hard to get it done so you don’t spend your entire day cleaning one space. 

Getting your spaces decluttered and back to the basic decor and needed things in the space make it feel somewhat new again and for sure refreshed. So make a plan, set a deadline and work hard to get your home spring cleaning and decluttering finished, so you can get outside and enjoy the flowers blooming and birds chirping! 

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