Advice from Molly Cooper,Cooper & Co. Interior Design

Most of us live in our home on the daily. I mean really live in them. They are not some picture perfect, magazine spread, showcase home, that has nothing out of place. We have kids and dogs and husbands, and let’s me honest ourselves sometimes don’t make a top priority of putting things away all the time, especially the husbands:)! We want so bad to have a picture worthy home, so let discuss three ideas of achieving a beautifully designed home that will be just as beautiful even if something is out of place.

You can mix log, timber frame and SIP to create a hybrid home that enables you to have all the looks you want, including painted walls.

First off, wall colors. They are the base to the design and a well-thought-out color will make designing the space so much easier. Weather you have wood walls that are stained or drywall that needs painted, a great base color will set the tone for the rest of the space. I like the idea of color, don’t get me wrong, but on the walls, I try to stick with something that is more universal and can go with everything that you plan on pulling into the room. I try to stay more neutral on the walls and add in other colors within the décor and wood tones that will make their way into the design.

Second, furniture and the size and shape you want to bring in. When it comes to furniture, there are literally hundreds of styles you can choose from. There are larger and more bulky pieces and then some that are more petite in size. Choosing the correct size furniture is key to a great layout. The ratio of room to furniture if very important, for instance, if you have a smaller living room that the family will all share, please don’t go get the largest sectional the store has just because you feel you need the seating space. Choose smaller sized couch and love seat and then possibly an accent chair or two. The sectional will close in a room faster than anything and if you change your mind on the layout, typically a sectional can only go one way in a room, so you are literally stuck with one terrible layout.

If you love the look of this room, remember that Honest Abe Log Homes partners with Eco-Panels to design and manufacture structural insulated panel (SIP) homes.

Finally, and in my humble opinion, most importantly, lighting. It is the most important aspect in a good design. You need all three types of lighting for a space to be designed well. Ambient, task and accent. Ambient or general lighting is solely to light up the entirety of the room. When you’re looking for the lost remote or vacuuming and cleaning this is for you. Task lighting helps a person carry out reading, cooking, computer work. A brighter light is needed in a smaller central point of the room for these sorts of tasks. Lastly, accent lighting is when you want to focus on specific points of interest. If you have artwork on the wall, you may add a small accent light above to really showcase that piece, or directional accent lights to light up a bookcase with a collection of glassware. No matter what you are doing, or what you have in a space, it is critical to light the space well.

I could easily list more components of good design, but if you will start with these three very important ones, you will get your beautifully designed space off to a fantastic start.


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