Houseplants in your Interiors…what to know, how to choose and where to get!

With the temperatures dropping, how can we keep the outdoors inside of our homes? Houseplants! There are so many varieties and they have so many great additions to your home and your interior décor. They can be real or artificial, either is a great way to enhance your home all year long but especially during the winter months.

How should you go about choosing an indoor plant if you are using real plants? First and foremost, research which types you’d like and where you would want to place them. While reading about plants for myself, these are some helpful tips I found.

  1. Large plants for open areas and floors.
  2. Small plants for desks, windowsills, shelves and other compact spaces.
  3. Shade-tolerant houseplants, like Spider Plant, ZZ Plant and Calathea to brighten up dark corners and low light rooms.
  4. Trailing houseplants, like Ivy or String of Pearls for elevated spots, such as shelves or hanging containers.
  5. Accent plants with unique shapes and colors, such as Croton, Coleus, Tillandsia or Rex Begonia to use as interesting focal points.
  6. Herbs and other edibles for the kitchen. (

Which ever type of placement, be sure to research how to properly water and keep them in enough sunlight for them to survive.

Going artificial is for all of us who are ones who don’t know where our cell phone half the time much less keeping our plants on a regular watering schedule.  Faux plants are a great way to add life to your design without having to do any more than dust them off once a month.

I have found great options on Amazon for plants, both large and small. Homegoods, TJ Max and Wayfair are also great options to pick up a plant. I have been asked if pets tend to bother plants either real or fake. I personally do not have inside animals, so I may not be the best to give that advise, however I have friends whose animals have been known to scatter the potting soil from a potted plant around the home while they are away during the day. I would think, that is on a case-by-case basis, and one situation is not the same for the next person.

No matter if the temps drop below freezing and you are held up inside to stay out of the cold, but you long for green and life from outside, get yourself a houseplant, real or fake and it is sure to make the cold winter a little more bearable!

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