By Inez Price, Salesperson for Honest Abe Log Homes

When you approach an Honest Abe Log Home, you take in the logs, porches, decks, windows, design etc… upon entering you will most likely observe the decorations, flooring, walls, what kind of view they have and then it will hit you, wow, that’s some kind of roof! With the beautiful 4”x8” Douglas fir timbers and the 2”x6” Spruce tongue and groove, the Heavy Timber Roof has that awe factor in strength and beauty. One of the most significant pieces though, is something you would not notice, because unlike the logs/timbers etc which are performance/ cosmetic products…. The 4”x8” sheets of Rmax Insulation are strictly a PERFORMANCE product!

Tucked away above the tongue and groove are two layers of insulation (staggered at the joints) that’s dedicated to keeping your house as energy efficient as possible! The closed cell (get ready for it) polyisocyanurate (polyiso) are faced with fiberglass sheeting on both sides and is manufactured by Rmax, which has always been devoted to quality products that are environmentally friendly. Unlike the felt backing that was standard some years ago, the fiberglass will not warp under wet conditions which means that if your job site is in the 95% ratio and does receive rain during construction…then no big deal.

Honest Abe offers the standard R40 roof system. With designing the Heavy Timber Roof to go above and beyond in the strength and wow factor, we wanted to match that by providing some of the highest quality sheathing insulation on the market today and this insulation fits the bill!



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