In the past, log cabins were viewed as mountain retreats. However, nowadays, they’ve become a popular choice for a home, and it’s no wonder, given all the advantages of living in a log home that you can benefit from. They purify the air inside, are eco-friendly and durable, and can even improve your mental health. But building a log cabin is not enough; you also have to design the interior. And since your remarkable home will likely attract many friends and family, you shouldn’t skip the dining area. So, here are some ideas on how to design a beautiful log home dining area.

Designing a dining area depends on the layout of your log home

When building a log home, you can design the layout any way you want. You can choose to have a separate room for the dining area or an open space. However, if your home is already built, you must work with what you have. Generally, an open space that includes the kitchen, living area, and dining area is a very popular choice. And the main reason for this is that you have close access to everything you need. Furthermore, you can also socialize with your guests while preparing the food and drinks.

Choose the right table

One of the best ways to design a beautiful log home dining area is by choosing the right size and shape of the table. Since the table is the centerpiece of the dining area, it will define the space. In other words, don’t make a rash decision. Assess the room to determine what would fit. You can opt for a round or square table if the space is small. Otherwise, consider a rectangular one that can accommodate more people. And if you want to organize large gatherings with friends and family, you should go with an extendable table. This is an excellent solution because it won’t take up that much space when you don’t have guests.

Define the dining area

Having an open space doesn’t mean you can’t define the dining area. And the good news is that you don’t need to put up walls for this. You can add some log columns or a two-sided fireplace. Or, if you want to separate it more from the adjacent area, you can place a tall and wide piece of furniture, such as a two-sided bookcase. On the other hand, if you have a separate room for the dining area, you should consider creating a wide archway instead of installing a door.

Choosing the right location

Whether enclosed or not, picking the right location for your dining area is vital. If the space allows, you should create the dining area next to some large windows. Mainly because it would be a pity not to enjoy a beautiful view while eating, and don’t think about putting the curtains, because they will only obscure the view. You can choose drapes instead to provide some intimacy at night.

Lightning is essential

As previously mentioned, you should position the dining area next to some big windows. Or, if possible, consider replacing the old windows with larger ones. Apart from the beautiful view, this will bring in more natural light. And this is very important because it will brighten the space and your mood.

Of course, you can’t rely only on natural light; you also need some good artificial light. Regarding the dining area, it’s imperative to have a ceiling light above the table. This is practical and the second most defining element of your log home dining area. After you pick the correct table, make sure you choose the right light fixture. And here, you have two options:

  • choose the traditional rustic style and choose an antler chandelier; or
  • combine the rustic style with a more elegant style. After all, this log cabin is your home, so it should represent your style. And for a more elegant vibe, you can opt for a fancy chandelier.

Since light is very important in completing your home’s look, you should also find other ways to add extra lighting to the room. For example, you can place some light fixtures near the windows of your dining area to maximize natural light.

Protect the floor and furniture

Wood floors are beautiful and classy, and they should stay that way. However, accidents are bound to happen. No matter how careful you are, food and drinks will likely end up on the floor at some point. Additionally, the floor will deteriorate from the movement of the chairs in time. Therefore, placing an area rug underneath the table is a good idea. This is both practical and complements the décor. 

Furthermore, you should be careful when transporting and moving the furniture for your log home dining area. You can protect the floors by placing felt beds on the furniture. But it would help if you also secured the furniture. So, to guarantee the safety of all your pieces, ensure they are adequately packed. And don’t forget to measure the doorways in advance.

Seek help

Sometimes, you have to accept that you can’t do everything alone. So, if you’re in the process of building your log home, you should hire some professionals for the job. It’s not just about providing quality services but also knowledge. Their years of experience in the field can offer you excellent advice on designing your log home. And even if your log home is already up, you might want to seek help from an interior designer to ensure a cohesive look. 

Final thoughts

Living in a log home has many benefits and attracts many friends and family. Therefore, you should consider these ideas for designing a beautiful log home dining area. This way, you’ll be able to host as many gatherings as you like. And your dear ones will enjoy the general log cabin feel and your beautiful dining area.

– Tanya Douglas

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