Plan a Tour of Honest Abe’s Mill

Acquisition of an electric golf cart will enable visitors to Honest Abe’s Model Home and Manufacturing Facilities at Moss to take an intimate and comfortable guided tour without extensive walking.

“Guests are always welcome at any of our model homes,” said Jeff Clements, Honest Abe Vice President. “We encourage anyone interesting in how log homes are manufactured to schedule a guided tour of our plant at our National Headquarters.. There’s no need to wait for a special event, though the tour in included in our log raisings we host several times each year.”

Clements said the tour includes the model home, the plant, the kiln and the log storage facility.

“It’s a very thorough tour that really shows how a home is made from the time the wood arrives at our lot until it leaves on the truck,” Clements said.

He pointed out that Honest Abe’s stability and longevity in the industry allows the company to purchase logs, dry them and store them under cover so that there is no waiting between the time a contract is signed and manufacturing a new home begins.

Call 800-231-3695 to arrange a tour or for information.